well i guess i should put my 2 cents in, since my name was mentioned.

I got my first Tiger not to long ago. I got it for Xmas. I was sooo happy. It all started when i was getting older, i started to realize what the car could do and how rare it is. So i kept asking my dad how we were going to fix it. My dad cant do it, because he has ruematoid arthritis in his joints. So he said that he was going to send it to my uncle jim in Minnitonka. He is rich, so he was going to pay to get it fixed. As time went by we never sent it to Jim. So i didnt like to see the car sit there and sometimes get hit by my g-mas door. I then said that i was going to fix the car myself and i wanted it for xmas.

I started working on the car a little after xmas. First i took out the gas tanks, as i knew that they were dirty or full of varnish. After i took them out, i got some pea gravel and 2 gallons of hot water, and then shook the living —- out of them for about 15 min a tank. After that they were clean as new. My dad said the fuel pump was bad, so i changed that. And in doing that i broke the gas line from the tank to pump. So i had to change that. I blew out the other gas lines with the air comp. I replaced the rubber line that connects the 2 front lines and the fuel filter

After the fuel system was clean, i moved to the engine. First i put a rebuild kit on the carb. That was pretty easy. 😆 So next i knew that the liquids were bad. So i went to drain the radiator, but the drain plug came right off. I had to remove the hood to get the radiator out. I removed the radiator, over flow tank, and all the hoses. Replaced all the hoses as they were dry rotted. Then i i got the radiator fixed, powerflushed, and then painted.

Then i took out the spark plugs, and put a good dose of liquid wrench down the holes. Then reinstalled good plugs. Then i changed the oil and filter.

Then i was ready to start her up. It started and then we had a sticky lifter, but that went away after a few minutes and was running real good.

So now im working on the Clutch and Brakes. I just got the clutch done last night, all i need to do is bleed the system. Next i am going to tackle the clutch.

And for those of you that dont know how old i am, im 14 and live in Omaha, NE
Thats my story of how i got my first tiger. If you want any pictures, then email me : Caseyh4312@aol.com