I bought my Tiger in 1970 for $1200.00, I was 20 at that time. I drove the car for a couple of years then completly stripped the car to bare metal and had the car repainted for a 1000.00 what a nice job. Took the Tiger out for the first time after about a year and the first night put it into a ditch, well the divorce came and me and my Tiger moved to Fl. Had the car repaired in Ft. Meyers,Fl. In about 1976 wreck the car again, put it in storage till 1980. When I moved to Orlando we took the car back down to bare metal and repainted the car. In 1990 redid the motor with a 302 and a auto trans. Did the car show thing for a while got tired of showing the car against the kit car cobra’s and one night took the car to the drag strip in Orlando and swore the car could run 12’s with ease well it went 14:30’s, so It started with if I could only get into the 13’s,then the 12’s, then 11’s then 10’s well now 15years later the car runs in the 10:30’s@132 and has ran as fast as 9:87@ 135 but because of all the saftey issues when you run in the 9’s I will keep it in the 10’s but the dream was a 9 sec. pass. I now race the car at the Fun Ford events and some of the true street races,which I won the true 10 second street race at Bradenton,Fl last april. The car really surpises people to see it runs that well on the LAT-70-13 wheels and the 235-60-13 DOT Tires. The motor now is a 331ci with a 150 shot of NOS with a good c-4 trans with a 4500 stall and a Chrysler 8 3/4 rear end with a 3:55 gear it still has the orig. leaf springs and the adj.shocks I put on the car back in the 70’s. We still go to some of the Sunbeam shows and out in Albq. N.M. it took a 2nd in a big Natl. show there.