The weekend was a success. Thursday testing went without a hitch and car was fast right off the trailer. In first qualifying we ended up 3rd in class. 2nd qualifying Saturday morning I missed the jetting a bit and we got overtaken by 2 more GT2 cars. There were 7 of the 11 GT2 cars together on the grid for the first race on Saturday. We were 12th overall on the sixth row, unfortunately my lane did not move and I got swamped in turn 1. I lost positions to 2 GT2 cars but also 2 T1 cars. Got back up to 5th and the 3rd place car was just ahead but the LR axle kicked out as I entered the roller coaster section ending our race. We fixed the car for Sunday’s race starting 6th in GT2 and once again 12th overall. My lane moved this time and was in third by turn 4. Had a great race with the Toyota and finally got by to take 2nd. The leader was up the track by 16 seconds by then but the car was working great. With 1/3 of the race left there was an incident that resulted in a short 3 lap full course caution which bunched the field up. There were 4 lapped cars between me and the leader but there were 4 GT2 cars directly behind me. I had a great jump on the green and got 2 of the lapped cars quickly. I got the 3rd a T1 Porsche Cayman exiting turn 1 going into 2, however the last car was a T1 BMW that I did not clear before the esses and the first place Corvette was clear. We got clear of the traffic and brought the Tiger home 2nd in class and 6th overall. The weather was fantastic and Janet and I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hello!