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I know of a few cars in MI that are in need of restoration and are not on the radar. So I think there might be more stashed in garages of people who will never have the time or money to repair them and as the owners die off they will come out of hiding. The one guy I know has three Michigan cars, is not a member of any club and has never in 40 years restored any of the dozens of cars he has owned. I met a guy a coupe of years ago near me that has a MKII. Not a member of any clubs, had no interest in our United and just wanted to know where to get fender trim for a MKII. This maybe more of a northern thing because of the rust issue. Too rare a car to throw out, too much work to put back on road.

Yep -the guy that gave me my first ride [and later a drive] in a Tiger back in the mid-70s has one in his basement… same thing – don’t think he is a "club guy" and who know if it is on anyone’s radar(?).
I wonder what Norm’s 3900 number is based on?