I probably should have made the initial post in the modified Alpine area. Nonetheless….

I made the trip to Winnipeg in Ol’ Blue, the ’67 Series V I have owned and driven for 48 years. In all the years of ownership I have never before driven it on salted roads. That all changed while driving in Winnipeg and along Manitoba Hwy 75 and I-29 in North Dakota. The car could now be called "Ol’ Gray". It’s a mess. With the return of cold winter temps it will be a couple of days before I’ll be able to wash/clean it.

As some of you know, Ol’ Blue has been modified with a 2.8V6 and a Toyota 5 speed. It cruises very comfortably at 70 mph and delivers fuel economy at 25mpg and slightly above. It is easily possible to drive at even higher speeds – there was a time heading south on Interstate 29 that I was running 75/76 and had a lot of throttle left. My GPS registered a high speed of 86mph – I think while I was passing a triple bottom truck. I drove a total of 1056 miles, most of it in 30 degree temps. While it could not be described as warm in the car it was not uncomfortable. And the heater/blower created enough moving air to keep the windshield clean.

With my wiring kit installed I had no concerns about Prince Lucas pulling any pranks. And the Miata MX5 seats were very comfortable.

I am glad I could make the trip in a Sunbeam to honor my longtime friend Chuck. later then, Paul