A very strong GT2 field with 3 past SCCA Runoffs Champions was at VIR this past weekend. The Hoosier Tire/ Red Line Oil Sunbeam Tiger started 3rd in the first race. Fell back to 4th in a tight 3 way battle for 2nd. We finally squeezed past the 997 Porsche Cup Car for 3rd. We had a shot at 2nd but the leader was starting to smoke and with 2 to go his motor let go big time at the top of the esses. The result was a blinding smoke as we crested the hill on our way to Oak Tree. Could not see the 2 cars for a while but finally the smoke cleared and we pulled to the bumper of the Corvette. We had a great run out of Oak Tree and went outside and was blocked then quickly tried the inside and was thwarted again. That is how we finished.
In the second race the Corvette had the GT2 pole, the Porsche was 2nd and we were 3rd. There were 2 no starts (wave off) for a grass fire but when we got the green we had a great jump. Once again we had a great run out of Oak Tree on the opening lap and jumped out of the draft and pulled alongside the Porsche and to the rear quarter panel of the Corvette and made the pass as we broke at the top of the back straight. We ran nose to tail with the Corvette waiting for him to make a mistake or abuse his tires. It was close but we came home a very close second.
This was the 9th and 10th races of the Southeastern Majors Conference and the class championships were in play. The weekend started with us being 12 points out of 1st but with our 3 wins and 3 2nd places in 6 races we attended we captured the Southeastern Majors GT2 Championship!
Great weather, a blast on the track and met many spectators!

Here is a link for Saturday’s race
http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link … load_owner