Bob and Jean Webb

    here in ohio we have no choice but to use a 10 % blend. there is no gas without ethanol except for 90 octane recreational gas sold only for marine or on water use. I have found a few places near the state borders that carry conventional gas but they bring it in from surrounding states. I’ve been in the oil/ fuel business for many years. I think it’s only a matter of time before conventional gas goes away. several states have changed the taxes ,etc around and it won’t be long before it will not be a good financial decision for the majors to refine two different blends of gas. my 69 has the original engine but it was one of the engines that were rebuilt at Chrysler’s expense due to production problems. it was only driven in the D.C area for a short period of miles after the rebuild that the car was parked for the next 34 years until I bought it in 2006. I do use lead substitute and considering how little it gets driven I have no problems. there is a photo of my car in this months hemmings sports and exotic magazine.