I believe the throw out wore down because the clips that hold it in were either left off or broke off. the throw out was wore on 1 side. I’ll check the thrown out and take a picture tonight and attach. It appears like the one you have in the picture. I bought a new slave just to try a new idea. i have not done anything with the master. Before we did the restoration the clutch worked fine. after putting in new parts it’s never worked right. I too believe it’s a bleed issue but I’ve bleed it every which way possible. One thing i noticed is that your line from the slave. mine has an adapter on it to fit the threads to a different line? your line might appear to be a bit larger than mine? I can’t find any leakage but I know that could be tricky. I’ve been using a NAPA DOT 4 fluid? I’ll try and forward you some pictures tonight. the RPM’s do drop slightly when I depress the clutch but I believe it has always done that. thanks for all the good thoughts.