We replaced the plate,clutch and throw out 2 years ago. We had an issue that we couldn’t get it in gear. We changed out the plate with the old one and it worked a little better. I drive it for the last 2 years maybe a 1000 miles total. Last year it started acting up when trying to put it in gear. Some days it would work some not so good. this year when i got it out it started to get rougher. last month it got to the point I couldn’t drive it and that’s when we took it apart and found the throw out was worn down and maybe damaged the pressure plate. we put in the new pressure plate from 2 years ago and a new throw out. not much improvement. I was able to drive it down to Dayton but it got worse. I had a suggestion that maybe it was the main bearings but the mechanic said the engine ran to good for it to be that. The clutch is a 7 1/2 inch so I believe it is correct. It does feel like the clutch is slipping. as for the reverse test. put brake on and blocked tires. put the clutch in and put in reverse. started the car and let out on the clutch out. car wanted to go backwards but did not stall out. did not let the clutch out all the way. should I let the clutch out quickly and see if the car will stall?