Mid Ohio was not one of our better outings as we finished 5th on Saturday and 4th on Sunday. We were running strong in the Saturday race with a solid 3rd in hand but we pushed a little too hard and spun under braking for the end of the back straight. That was not a big issue except the car would not refire and we lost over 30 seconds and 2 places. With only 2 laps left we were unable to gain those spots back. Car was unhurt except for 4 badly flat spotted tires and our AIM dash that was damaged while trying to restart. Sunday the skies opened up and the rain came. We thought we had a good rain setup since we had run in the rain both races previously. On the formation lap the pole sitter spun going into the keyhole and then I did a half spin in the esses. It was the slickest I have seen Mid Ohio since we ran the Runoffs in 2000 when there was sleet. We barely kept the car on track and came home 4th.

Next up for Team Tiger is Watkins Glen International July 4th weekend.