I drove my 1959 Singer Gazelle with a 1966 1725cc Sunbeam Alpine engine installed, 1200 miles to the United this year. First day of driving the oil pressure was a hair below 50psi, part way through day two and all day the third day it dropped to about 35psi at cruising speed. Don’t ask what it was at idle. Friday at St. Michael’s in the hotel parking lot I switched out the oil pressure relief valve with a spare I carry. Oil pressure went back up to 50psi and held the 1200 miles home.
The oil relief valve removed from the car had a definite ‘stick’ when the plunger was depressed, a bit of brake cleaner sprayed on the valve removed any dirt from the valve and it seems to work fine. Always have a spare!
What a great show you guys put on, so happy we went. Both Bob (’53 SunbeamAlpine) and myself made it home safe and sound and we both would go to a United again, a bit closer next time though.