After going through 3 sets wheels, 4 sizes tires, know a bit about this….would recommend 15X7 rear, 15 x6 front.

Panasport, VTO Classic, Retro Sport, and Minilite all are good choices .

Offsets would recommend between 15-20mm this is about 4.5 to 4.75" for back, with leaf springs still in place…

Front between 22-24mm, 4.25 and 4.4" backspace (You can go more inboard on the front with a 15 inch wheel but no one makes that wheel in a 15×6)

16 inch gives you a bit more flexibility, but ride quality goes away in a hurry.

Tires, That depends…alot of guys run 195-50’s, or 205-50-15’s. Really around a 23" tire on front and a 24" rear is about the max even with mild body mod’s. I wanted to effect the gearing at highway speed for a few less rev’s (stock trans) so went with a 195-60 15 rear, and 185-55-15 front. Also running a 1/4 inch spacer on the rear (a bit of extra clearance from spring but probaly wouldn’t need to, like the look)…Went with Kumo’s 2 different treads to get sizes,(but similar) and both V rated. More of an all season tread pattern. 13 and 14 inch wheels could gain you a bit of height, but 13" tires are really limited unless you use a classic tire vendor ,and probaby would look a bit odd on your car. 14" might be might be ok, but limits you to an H speed rating and is difficult to get offsets to help square up the track. Also you metions an HP increase.

Don’t know how you use forum to contact someone directly, but would be happy to discuss it by phone…

A’h yes then there’s the subject of lug nuts……

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