My friends car sure is fun.

quote CaspianHIPO:

Hey guys, I’m a new member who’s never owned a Tiger. I am in the market for one. Have had interest in the car for 20 years. Been into Mustangs & T-Birds for 30 years. The more I read about all the modifications recommended for a Tiger the more scared I get. I’m not much of a mechanic. Anyway, can you take an original Tiger 260 and rebuild it to make it fast & fun? Is it recommended? Can the original toploader be rebuilt / resized to be peppy? Is it recommended?

I’m not a racer but I do like to scoot around town and burn rubber.

Appreciate any thoughts or advice from you experianced guys.

Bill in Toledo

P.S. This may sound crazy but I would like to purchase the “Book of Norman” if one could be had for a “reasonable” price. If that makes any sense.