Nick – Hi, I have long been pondering setting my Tiger up in a simialr fashion when I restore it. I’ve gathered some information over the past few years that could give you a starting point.

One great source of information is a project Tiger that Classic Motorsports magazine did several years ago. The complete series of articles can be found on their website. They obtained components and services from a variety of sources, although some of these may no longer be active. As one example they mention sourcing suspension components from Dales Restorations. Dale has recently relocated from California to Tennessee and I don’t know if he has set up shop again – perhaps he or another member can chime in here to confirm. The specific suspension article mentions spring rates of 190lb/in for the rear springs and 330lb/in for the front springs, to give you a starting point.

Other suspension notes:
– The Tiger crossmember has some weak points that require reinforcement and welding. Some Internet surfing should turn up the information.
– The lower a-arm fulcrum pins have been known to fail. Doug Jennings (TEAE member – contact info in the Directory) sells upgraded/strengthened versions.
– I would utilize stock-style rubber bushings for the a-arms. They’re available from both North American suppliers.
– Steering rack – I would rebuild the stock unit if the metal components are not worn. The rubber bellows are readily available.

Instruments – Potential sources:
– Nisonger Instruments – https://www.nisonger.com/ Apparently they no longer rebuild instruments, but may be able to recommend someone.
– BRITISH SPEEDO SERVICE – Info at: https://www.teae.org/forums/topic/jaeger-speedo-tach-rebuilder/ I talked to him recently, so he is still in business. Apparently an ex-Nisonger employee.