2nd Annual Futures Class
Hilton Head Island


Nov 06, 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

2nd Annual Futures Class
Hilton Head Island

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The RPM Futures Class offers individuals under age 30 (or enrolled in an Automotive program) the opportunity to showcase a vehicle they’ve restored at the Hilton Head Concours this November. It’s a chance for a new generation to have their work featured alongside some of the world’s most exclusive and historically significant vehicles.

A Concours d’Elegance is an event where prestigious and significant vehicles are displayed and judged. Through the RPM Foundation, the vehicle you restored can now have a place on the Concours field to share a collective moment alongside our vibrant car community and with some of the rarest and most historically significant vehicles in the world! To participate, see the eligibility standards below:

  • Vehicle owner must be under age 30 OR a current Automotive student, intern, or apprentice
  • Vehicle was produced in 1995 or earlier
  • Vehicle owner has had a significant hands-on role in the restoration of the vehicle – defined as at least one major component (engine, drive train, suspension/steering, body, paint, interior, trim) restored by the owner
  • Vehicle is complete and show-ready

Spaces are limited. Register today! For more information, visit the links below or contact RPM at in**@rp*.foundation.

About RPM Foundation: Restoration, Preservation, Mentorship

The RPM Foundation believes that vehicles are more than just transportation – they have the power to bring us together, inspire us, and drive us forward as a community that shares a passion. But with restoration professionals retiring faster than students can replace them, the future of these rolling works of art is uncertain.

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