All Rootes Show and Concours D’Elegance

TE/AE invites owners to display their Rootes vehicles in the All Rootes Show for everyone to enjoy and experience. For those who wish to present their cars to the scrutiny of a judging process, we invite you to participate in the Concours d’Elegance.

The All Rootes Show

All Rootes vehicles are special. Therefore we will provide a windscreen placard for the owner to list some characteristics about the car and its usage. Examples include: original owner; miles driven to the United, per year, since new and since the last United; awards won; unique features or uses; years owned. Even though vehicles on the show field are not formally judged, they are eligible to be selected by popular vote as the most desirable Alpine, Tiger or Rare Rootes vehicle at the Sunbeam United or as the Diamond-in-the-Rough by those in attendance. Enjoy and share your experience with others.

The Concours D’Elegance

While it is recognized that the largest quantity of Rootes vehicles preserved are Alpines and Tigers, TE/AE strives for the uniform recognition of ALL Rootes vehicles. Two distinct classes have been established: Stock for those owners whose intent is for their vehicles to represent the appearance and functional characteristics as produced at the factory and personalized for those owners whose intent is to enhance factory appearance and function (performance).

Class Descriptions


This class recognizes those vehicles that are intended to represent an “as manufactured” condition. Vehicles in this class were produced by Rootes manufacturing or an authorized coachwork company for sale to the retail public for use on public roads. Excludes Rootes race prepared and promotional vehicles.


Vehicles in this class incorporate modern quality and engineering enhancements to the original appearance and functional items. Changes are typically considered as upgrades to factory offered appearance and functional items. Includes non-factory prepared race prepared vehicles.

Vehicle Categories

  • Stock Alpine -1959 through 1968 roadsters
  • Stock Tiger -1964 through 1967 roadsters
  • Personalized Alpine – 1959 through 1968 roadsters
  • Personalized Tiger – 1964 through 1967 roadsters
  • Rare Rootes, Stock – For all Rootes vehicles other than 1959 through 1968 Alpine and Tigers. Includes Sedans, Roadsters, Estate wagons, Utility, Caravans, etc., Rootes authorized or factory prepared race and promotional vehicles and custom coachwork vehicles.
  • Premiere Rootes – For vehicles that have won first place in their class in any national Sunbeam Marque club event during the previous thirty-six months. This category is intended to set a higher standard for concours presentation and as such will be a Judges vote based on a comparison of vehicles present with consideration given to the class and category the vehicle represents.

Guidelines for Determining Classification

To help you determine if your vehicle should be considered Stock or Personalized, identify modifications below that have been incorporated. These are guidelines. Not rules. It is in your best interest to place the vehicle in the class where it will be compared to other vehicles for similar characteristics. Please contact the Concours d’Elegance chairperson if you are uncertain.

  1. Custom paint, different than factory code # (excludes “hue” differences)
  2. Non-factory or non-LAT wheels
  3. Non-stock appearing interior, upholstery, rugs
  4. Chrome and trim changes
  5. Custom steering wheel
  6. Non-stock appearing dashboard or crash pad
  7. Non-LAT scoop or louvers
  8. Non-factory lighting accessories
  9. External engine performance modifications (non-LAT bolt-ons)
  10. Engine compartment alterations (cooling louvers, etc.)
  11. Roll bars
  12. Obvious suspension modifications
  13. Trunk modifications (Fuel cells, etc.)
  14. Radical exhaust or side pipes
  15. Different type engine (e.g. rotary, Toyota, V6, non-small block Ford V8)
  16. Non-dealer installed tape players, radios, accessories, etc.

Showing Instructions

Questions on classifications must be settled prior to judging. Consult the Concours d’Elegance Chairperson if assistance is desired in determining classification. Contact information on registration form.

Your car will be judged as presented on the field and you should be present to open the doors, hood and trunk and to start your engine when asked or provide permission before judging starts for your car to be judged unattended.

Ashtrays and glove box should be empty and clean. Console may contain functional items such as registration, sunglasses, etc. The car’s (hard or soft) top must be on/up to receive full judging credit.

Any car found to be misclassified by its owner(s) will be significantly downgraded in the evaluation. Classification decisions of the Chairman of the Concours d’Elegance are final.

Judging Criteria

The major categories in which the each car will be judged are listed below. The points associated with each category and specific judging criteria vary by the judging class and are listed on the associated Judging Criteria Sheets.


Teams of judges will do the judging, each team scoring one or more particular classifications (exterior, chassis, etc.). In addition to the judges, advisors will be appointed to provide classification/expertise as necessary. Resource information available from acceptable recognized Marque experts will be used to train judges and settle conflicts. The Concours Chairman will resolve conflicts. An appeal may be submitted in writing to the TE/AE Board of Directors.

Stock Classes
– Stock appearance should represent the original patina of the car as manufactured. The desired finish and texture of the paint, chrome, interior, engine compartment, trunk, chassis and other elements shall be as originally manufactured. This includes paint with some “orange peel”, grinding and polishing marks under chrome plating, original wiring harnesses and terminals, etc. High luster show quality paint and chrome is a deviation from stock appearance. Attempts to replace original equipment as closely as possible, such as upholstery and paint colors are acceptable and encouraged. Modifications and miscellaneous additions will tend to reduce total points in this class. Replacement service items will not be considered as modifications. For example, spark plugs and wires, distributor cap, coolant hoses and clamps, filters, bolts, etc. However, when scores are close or tied, vehicles with the most features (hardware, trim, etc.) accurately replicating factory conditions will achieve the higher score. These stock criteria are aimed at recognizing those cars/owners who strive for a true stock condition.

Personalized Classes
– Personalized appearance represents visual and mechanical engineering changes to original interior, exterior, trunk, electrics, etc. that improve overall appearance and/or performance but retain the original design appearance and functional upgrades of existing factory features. Non-standard paint, top and interior colors are acceptable. Included in this class are vehicles with radical, non-typical, changes that depart from original visual and mechanical design. Examples include sheet metal alterations, different engine types (V-6, rotary, Toyota, non-small block V8, Alpines with a V-8), engine blowers, turbo chargers, fuel Injection, etc.), replacement or enhancement of the Sunbeam suspension with another type, non-stock engine position, non-stock drive-line, frame or body alterations for racing, elimination or replacement of a combination of original interior/exterior items with non-Sunbeam related items (different seats, dash, bumpers, gauges, fuel cells, roll cages).

Rare Rootes
– Rare Rootes judging will be based on a comparison of vehicles present in class (Stock or Personalized) with consideration given to the class the vehicle represents. Vehicles campaigned solely in national or international sanctioned race organization events are candidates for this class. Vehicle results are compared to those in the Rare Rootes class to determine the class winner.

Premiere Rootes
– Premiere Rootes judging will be by a Judge’s vote. Judges will base their assessments on a comparison of vehicles present in class (Stock or Personalized) with consideration given to the class the vehicle represents.


Awards will be presented in the following vehicle categories:

Judged Concours d’Elegance (trophies awarded)

  • Stock Alpine (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Stock Tiger (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Personalized Alpine (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Personalized Tiger (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
  • Rare Rootes (Award(s) for all Rootes vehicles (Non-Alpine/Tiger) combined (1st, 2nd, 3rd).
  • Premiere Rootes (Judges Vote) (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

Popular Vote (For Vehicles in All Rootes Show and Concours d’Elegance)
The Popular Vote categories are open to vehicles in the All Rootes Show and the Concours d’Elegance. Individuals registered for the event will receive a ballot with which they can vote for their favorite cars. Vote for the most desirable vehicle in each category below from all vehicles entered in the Concours d’Elegance, including Premier, Personalized, Stock Class and the All Rootes Show.

  • Most Desirable Alpine (Chosen from all 1959 through 1968 Alpine roadsters)
  • Most Desirable Tiger (Chosen from all 1964 through 1967 Tiger roadsters)
  • Most Desirable Rare Rootes Vehicle (Chosen from all Rare Rootes Class vehicles)
  • Diamond-in-the-Rough (Any Rootes vehicle)
  • The Most Desirable ROOTES vehicle (Any Rootes vehicle)

Popular Vote Guidelines

Most Desirable – Your choice of the vehicle in each category that you would like to own.

Most Desirable ROOTES
– Your choice of each of the vehicle from all categories, that in your opinion, best represents the marque in appearance and condition.

Diamond-in-the-Rough – This class rewards the one car that is the most esthetically challenged vehicle which the owner has demonstratively and enthusiastically shown to be their “Personal Pride” by overcoming obstacles of sneering, jeering, and lack of apparent vehicle mechanical integrity and comfort. It is un-restored or unfinished, it is rough, it may even be ugly, but it has that operational and visual patina and quality that sets it apart from the others.

Long Distance Award – This award is given to the Rootes vehicle that was driven longest distance to the United. The winner will be determined by the mileage noted on the windscreen placard of the vehicles in the Rootes Show or the Concours d’Elegance.