by Peter Long

I have the engine, the seats. trim, dashboard and wiring harness out and have scraped off the bituminous impregnated paper from the floor. I am removing the clutch and brake hydraulics and it looks as if I shall have to take out at least part of the steering linkage to be able to refinish the paint in the engine compartment, where the hydraulic fluid has spilled. My question is: How far to go before starting to build up again? What do I take off under the car to get to the ‘frame-up’ starting point? Is there any good step-by-step book for restoring an Alpine?

Tech Editor response: Briefly stated, I recommend that you take everything out of the engine compartment and from under the car, so that you may do a complete job of refinishing and repainting. The extra work in going that extra step is worth it in the end. I am unaware of any book specifically written for the restoration of Alpines and Tigers.