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The Editorial Staff graciously acknowledges the many contributors to the Sunbeam Survivor, both those whom we were able to properly credit and those who remain anonymous. Thanks to all who have taken the time to share their experiences with their fellow TE/AE members. over the years.

TE/AE is also indebted to Tom Calvert and “Tiger Tom” Ehrhart, who nurtured the initial idea for  this manual and then, with the assistance of Barry Schonberger and Kelly Weinzapfel’s  Herculean data entry efforts, have fulfilled this long-held objective.

Credit for the binders and indexing system belongs to Larry Wright. We have used this three-ring, one-side print format in order to help this manual become a living reference document as well as to facilitate its use in the garage or workshop.

Finally, a debt of gratitude to our ‘significant others’ and family members – including those on the Editorial Staff – for their support and understanding during the countless hours involved in creating the product you’re now reading.

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Sunbeam Survivor Copyright 1992 by Tigers East/Alpines East. All rights reserved. No part of  this publication may be reproduced or duplicated without the prior written permission of Tigers East/Alpines East..


Welcome to TE/AE’s first full compilation of Tech Tips!

This collection is the result of the delightfully frustrating process of restoration and “improve­ment” of Sunbeams as recorded by those members of TE/AE who have been there.

Those of use who authored this information, and those of us who assembled this volume, hope  that you will benefit from the extensive knowledge contained herein. When undertaking any  repair, it is comforting to be able to rely on information from those who have gone before.

A few caveats from the editors:

  1. Several articles cite prices and suppliers. Please call or write to ascertain availability and  current price information before you order.
  2. There are many methods of repair, restoration, and modification of Sunbeams. There are several areas of controversy, on which we have presented as many approaches as possible.  We recommend that you speak prior to attempting repairs.
  3. Read the articles through. prior to beginning the repair. Some information found at the end  of articles can save frustration in the middle of the repair.

We are blessed in TE/AE with a wealth of knowledge held by considerate and sharing members. Take advantage of this tremendous asset. The club is built on the efforts of all. We encourage you to become another of the “experts” on whom we all rely.

We intend this to be a First. not Final, Edition. In order to do so, we need your input. Please send us your ideas, or better still, your new Tech Tips.

Happy Rooting! The Editorial Staff