Jim Anderson
Published in Rootes Review August 2008

There’s been some misinformation floating around about the trademark issue and this may clear some things up.

The name “Sunbeam Alpine” for automotive and associated products (such as T-shirts, caps, etc) was denied in May to Michael Hughes (not Holmes) of Duluth, GA and Carson City, NV.

He still has applications pending for the names “Sunbeam Tiger” and “Sunbeam” but Frank Mooney, the trademark attorney (Tiger and Alpine owner, a member of TE/AE) has filed opposition to both applications and the cases are now pending. The fees for the opposition motions are being paid by various Sunbeam clubs, but Frank is working for love.

Our opposition is based on the history going back to the original sales of the cars in this country and publication in club newsletters.

Under trademark law, the names in contention are only for automotive and associated purposes (see above), so Sunbeam kitchen appliances and Sunbeam bakeries are not affected and they are not involved. In the same way, Delta kitchen faucets are trademarked but that doesn’t affect Delta Airlines.

[Ed. note: Fred Baum] Thanks for the update, Jim. Please continue to inform us of changes in this very critical matter.

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