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by Joe Mayall

Ford lovers have, for years, been trying to find ways to make the small block (289/302) Ford engines fit into the confines of early vehicle engine compartments without butchering the firewall. The most obvious and often used approach has been to shorten the stock water pump, and while this does work, it leaves the car owner with he distinct disadvantage of not being able to buy an “over-the counter” replacement.

Jim Cherry is one of those Ford lovers who has found a way to beat the “system”. Jim developed a special kit to shorten the Ford engine for his 33 Ford Phaeton 2 3/4 “, and now after a summer of trouble free running’, and because of many requests, he is manufacturing and marketing the kit. The kit comes in two versions; one with the basics where the customer supplies the items available through normal automotive parts outlets, and the other one has everything needed, including gaskets.
Fig 1
Basically, what the kit does is provide a special aluminum adapter plate (Fig. 1) so that the stock, long-necked Ford water pump can be replaced with a shorter GM PUMP.

While this kit has been designed to be a bolt-on using stock items, there is a simple modification required to the GM water pump. The automotive parts house can do this modification if they are equipped with a press (like one used to press a bearing on a rear axle.) The fan/pulley flange on the water pump must be pressed further onto the shaft (to within 1/8″ of the housing), and then the extra portion of the shaft can be trimmed off leaving a stub for fan and pulley alignment. This is not a difficult modification, and the first parts house we tried did it for us at “no-charge”. Cutting the shaft can be done with a hacksaw but unless the radiator is very close to the water pump shaft, this modification will not be necessary in many applications.

Fig 2

The basic kit (#CFP-I fig. 2) comes with the aluminum adapter, an alternator adjusting bracket (arm), and a special front alternator mounting bracket, The complete kit (#CFP-2 Fig. 3) includes the above plus the modified water pump, the water pump (top) pulley, the crank (lower) pulley, and the rear alternator mounting bracket. Both kits come with complete, illustrated installation instructions and a parts list with the Ford and/or GM part numbers.
Fig 3
Since shortening the water pump also means moving the alternator back, the aluminum spacer must be shortened to get proper belt alignment, and a shorter bolt will be needed. Depending on the front crossmember and the location of the engine, one or two of the crank (lower) pulley grooves may have to be trimmed off, and this should be done on a lathe.

One of the drawbacks to using a shortened Ford water pump is that the modification is very involved, meaning that you would have to carry a spare. With this kit the water pump modification is simple enough that a replacement is readily available, and the modification can be done where and when it is purchased.

The basic kit is (CFP-I) and the complete kit is (#CFP-2). Each is also available chrome plated or in gold irradiate at extra charge. For more information or to order, contact: Cherry Fords, Box 213 R.D. 1, Warwick Furnace Road, Glen Moore, PA 19343. (215) 469-9118.

(Ed note: Call for current price/availability info.)

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I am building a 29 model a closed cab pickup and want to go with my favorite engine small block Ford with the very least fire wall set back as possible. So we are talking 2 3/4 from 27 1/5 to be 24 3/4 and that sounds alot better to me. The Chevy water pump would be forward rotation I assume and would require trimming off the stub and pressing the hub on a bit to locate the pulley? How can I get the kit from you ? Please and thanks for your time Mark

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