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      I have the valve covers from engine 2056 A27KA. Sometime in the past 42 years, my covers got switch with another Tiger. Picture two cars at the same shop with covers removed for service….looking for mine – #6884 B19KC

      The covers I have, the ID sticker is on the back driver side cover which Norm tells me is rare.


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      Hi Duke,

      Could it have been that the whole engine was transplanted from a donor Tiger? The other option is to purchase a new valve cover decal and stamp the correct numbers on it or were they stamped after the decal was applied?

      Regards, Robin.

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      I have the LAT finned aluminum valve covers so the engine label will not stick correctly to the cover.

      I procured a new label and stamped the numbers on it. I then used a piece of sheet magnet with adhesive on one side and mounted the label to it.

      The label is mounted on the "shelf" above the engine bay. If I need to remove it I simply peel it off and replace it later.

      I’ve done this with all the dash plaques and other tags I want to keep on the car without ruining my already chipped and dinged paint. They make great covers for the defects in the paint.

      Fred Baum


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