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      Hello all you wonderful people in Sunbeamland.

      If you haven’t noticed yet, there are some fun new buttons available on the posting window. These are BBcode buttons. We can’t let everyone go around posting uncontrolled HTML, but I’ve selected a few neat features to allow us to do some fun things.

      The best way to post pictures is host them somewhere on a site like Photobucket / Picasa / etc. Then use the BB codes to point to your picture. Like this:

      Photo Bucket

      code :[IMG][/IMG]

      Picasa Web Google Photo
      Find your photo Right Click on it to Open in New Tab
      Paste the link with the IMG BB code

      code :[img][/img]
      You can CENTER your Text
      code :[center]You can CENTER your Text[/center]

      If you really want to be nerdy and technical, you can put subscripts in for chemical formulas like

      code :H[sub]2[/sub]O

      Or if you need to express a polynomial for some reason you could use the super-script. x3-2x2+3x-1

      code :x[super]3[/super]-2x[super]2[/super]+3x-1

      You can also place horizontal rules on your post to seperate things.

      code :[hr]1[/hr]

      But more fun than that you can embed youtube videos… just supply the video number between the BBcodes

      code :[youtube]2mCqq9U19Xs[/youtube]

      There is one for google videos too.

      You can also make lists
      Things I like about my Rootes automobile

      1. Stylish
      2. Classic
      3. Fast
      code :[list=1]

      Have fun and make our forum more exciting ! 🙂

      Yours in Service,

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      Photobucket video support has been added.
      Just remember to remove the

      code :?action=view&current=

      part of the URL from your link before using the BBCode on the video link ….

      code :


      code :[photobucket][/photobucket]

      That imbeds the video

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