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      Does anyone have any tips on uprating the original Tiger 260 engine?

      My engine runs sweet, and I think the bottom end is really good, Oil pressure is 45/50 and there are no knocks or rattles save an occasional tappet rattle on start up after a long rest. So I am thinking about a minor upgrade. I want to keep the low end grunt and drivaeability, but I want to get a bit more power at revs just for the occasional blast.

      I know I could swap the 2 barrel carb/manifold for a 4 barrel. Maybe an Edelbrock 2121 intake with a Holley 500cfm (4150). Will this fit under the hood though?

      An increase in valve and port sizes could be good, so I could look for a pair of early 289 or 302 heads with the same small 52-55cc chambers to keep the compression up with standard pistons.

      Parts are much dearer here, but how much does postage cost to the UK for intake manifolds and carbs?

      These engines are so nice. I wish we had had more of these in British classic cars back in the sixties. I gues we didnt have enough cheap gas! At least we had quite a few of the Rover V8 (Buick) but I do really like these Ford ones.

      Has anyone tried these mods, or have any idea if they will be worthwhile? I got the ideas from a book, but I dont yet have any SBF experience. Maybe some of you guys could help me here?

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      If you go with the bolt on mods ( intake 4 bbl, and headers), you will be happy with the results and the car will sound great. Shipping from the U.S. wouldn’t be bad on an aluminum intake but to ship those cast iron 289 heads would be very expensive.

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      Mike Schreiner

        Changing the heads to alluminum 302 heads will help alot. And the Alluminum is lighter , so shipping to the UK would be less…Try Summit racing, they have several tupes…I put ford allum heads with larger valves on a 260 years ago and it added power nicely……Mike

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        Just took the Tiger on a track day. I really think its time for an upgrade now!

        I have now got a 4V alloy Intake manifold and a 4V Autolite carb from a mustang, which I plan to fit in place of the stock 2V parts.

        First problem seems to be that the 4V carb is too long to fit in the same way round as the 2V. If I turn it round the other way, it should just fit in, but I will have to modify the throttle linkage and fit a longer manual choke cable. Also re-route the fuel line and dizzy vacuum pipe. Alternatively, maybe a Holley or Edelbrock would fit better?

        I also notice that the 2V carb sits on a spacer plate that has three hose connections: two for coolant, and one for connecting to the crankcase positive ventilation valve. I was wondering if I need a new 4V plate, or just not bother with the coolant connections, and reconnect the vent hose to somewhere else (maybe the vacuum inlet?). What did you guys do about the plate?

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        Mike Schreiner

          Yes, A holly or elenbrock carb will fit correctly, ( neo need to turn it around) also I would get a 600cfm carb, unless engines is major spouped the 600 will do it fine….too large a carb will make it bog…as for the coolant plate, you dont really need it, but I would adda 4 barrell non metal spacer ther. It will keep engine heat from boiling the gas in the carb bowl…my opinion…Mike

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          Thanks for all your comments.

          I now have a Holley 465 cfm street carb which looks like new, and a choice of iron or alloy intake manifolds (see my other post) which I am planning to fit soon.

          The alloy one is much lighter and I like the idea of reducing the weight by using alloy parts where possible. I guess a set of tubular headers would also reduce weight a bit as well as improve performance, but that may be something to consider for a later date.

          I gave the engine bay a partial makeover a while back. Heres a pic if you want to have a look:

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