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      I met with Kelly Goff and Taffy Rice of the Montgomery County Conference and Visitors Bureau today which was very productive. Here’s a short synopsis of the meeting:

      I went over the requirements that we would be looking for in the hotels and they had several suggestions right off the bat. Taffy is charged with contacting several of them and gathering information.

      I think the road rally will be a very fun event on Friday. Starting from the host hotel, we’ll travel some great Maryland country roads and take Whites Ferry across the Potomac. From there we’ll head over to the new Smithsonian Air and Space Museum near Dulles Airport. I estimate that it will be 50-60 miles 1 way. On the way there or back we can have lunch or dinner at a neat little restaurant in Poolesville, called Bassett’s, recommended by Kelly. She’s also going to talk to the folks at the museum about getting us some special parking, etc.

      We talked about where to have the concours and a couple of ideas bubbled up immediately. One was to have it in the newly constructed Rockville Town Center ( If you follow the link, there is a virtual tour which will give a good idea of what’s in the area. The second thought was an area called the Washingtonian Center. It’s a large collection of shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. situated around a small lake. Here’s a link to a site with a few photos ( Attached is an aerial view showing the boardwalk around the lake. This area would have a rather large public exposure, probably a bit more than the Rockville Center on a weekend.

      Saturday afternoon we’ll have the tour at Competizione and Sports Cars that I mentioned before.

      We need to contact some local autocross folks about setting up for Sunday. Once we get several dates identified, we can get this part nailed down.

      After the autocross, we can do a couple of things; have some tech sessions, and / or another tour. There are some nice wineries in the area and a couple of other ideas that were proposed by Kelly.

      Finally, they are going to look into some other activities for the spouses and families.

      I hope to have some hotel information back in the next couple of weeks and then we can set up a meeting. For those who would like to travel into town and stay a day or 2 we’ll see if we can arrange some accommodations. I’d like to visit a couple of the candidate hotels and concours choices during this meeting. The meeting will probably need to take place after Thanksgiving unless we get info sooner. Does anyone have date preferences for the meeting?

      All for now. I’m going to go home and get the Tiger out for a little exercise.


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