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      admin McConlogue

      Planning for United XXXII is well underway and will take place in beautiful St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore October 10-13. St. Michaels is a beautiful seaside town on the Chesapeake Bay with a nice selection of shops, museums and restaurants.

      Here’s a link to the town web page:

      We’ve brought back the United 28 team and a couple of new members with the following responsibilities:
      • Joe Parlanti – Host, dash plaques, trophies, tour, etc.
      • Clyde McLaughlin – hotel , restaurants, concourse location
      • Rick Kellett – Autocross
      • Ronnie Silber – Publicity and giveaways
      • Jim Lindner – Registration
      • Tom Calvert – Planning the Crab Feast and help as needed
      • Jackie Parlanti and Valerie McLaughlin – onsite registration and hospitality

      Clyde McLaughlin has located our host hotel, the Best Western Motor Inn a short distance from downtown St. Michaels. We visited it and several others in the surrounding area. The hotel has 94 rooms, a good hospitality suite, included breakfast, good parking for our cars and a great location. The hotel is under new ownership and has just completed a $350K upgrade with another $1M on tap through this year and next. We toured the facility and it will suit our event very nicely. We’ve negotiated a very reasonable rate for the area and time of year:
      • Thursday and Sunday nights – $95
      • Friday and Saturday nights – $129

      This link will provide some photos: … otos?hl=en

      We have a good schedule defined with several interesting events planned. Some of the highlights are:
      • A nice driving tour of the area on Friday with lunch at a local restaurant.
      • A club sponsored cookout at the hotel on Friday evening by Joe Parlanti and Ronnie Silber.
      • A very nice location for the Concours on Saturday.
      • On site TAC inspections
      • A Maryland Crab Feast after the Concours.
      • A club managed combination autocross and drag race at the Ridgely, Md. Airport. Joe Anderson, my company’s CEO and NHRA Pro Stock record holder, will run the drag race and provide a “how to” for our club. Afterward, we’ll head over to CTS for a tech session in our CTS engineering facility.
      • The banquet will be held at the Caroline Country Club Sunday night with a special guest speaker.

      Here’s the tentative schedule:
      • Check in and group dinner at a local restaurant (self pay)
      • Registration and hospitality all day
      • Driving tour and lunch (self pay)
      • Cookout at the hotel by Joe Parlanti and Ronnie Silber
      • A judged Concours, non judged cars displayed also.
      • Maryland Style Crab Feast in the afternoon
      • Possible Automotive Museum Tour or Chesapeake boat tour.
      • Autocross and drag race at the Ridgely Airport
      • Tech Session at CTS
      • Banquet at the Caroline Country Club

      More details will be coming soon along with registration forms, so stay tuned!

      Joe Parlanti

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      Sounds like it will be a good one!
      Bing Maps says only 110 miles door-to-door – NICE 😀
      We’ll be planning to see you there.

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      Bing maps says 1059 miles if we drive through Chicago. I suppose the wife will want to go but I have to find a different route than through Chicago.

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      quote Tom Jeffers:

      Bing maps says 1059 miles if we drive through Chicago. I suppose the wife will want to go but I have to find a different route than through Chicago.

      I can’t imagine that going thru Chi-town in the Tiger would be much fun. Is there such a time as "off peak" there?
      Based on your past escapades – you’ll probably just decide to get there via Florida or something like that… 🙄

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      I’ve got 835mi door to door, thought it would be longer.

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      Its so close I might drive the Imp again. Looking forward to it !

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      Well, I guess I have everyone beat, to date at least, 2427 miles return trip, from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
      Rods (Singer)

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      You may have the longest traveled award in the bag.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      I called today to make my reservations at the hotel and found we only have standard rooms available. either smoking or non smoking is the only choice you have. no kings are in our block. there are no microwaves in the rooms. I know it’s still early but at first they said they didn’t see anything concerning rooms blocked for us. it took a little time but they found it. we’re checking in on Wednesday so I was given two different reservations. they did not tell me what my rate is for Wednesday so I asked for e mail confirmation of my reservations but have not received anything. you need to be patient when you call for reservations. they suggested if you are checking in before Thursday and you have two reservations you need to make them aware of that or you may have to move to another room after the first night

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      Mailed our registration off to Jim today 😀

      Hmmmm – now I wonder if the hotel will have the right sort of "accessible room" available in the "block"?

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      In case you didn’t know it.. or see it.

      Registration IS available on line now.

      REGISTER and pay using PayPal or a credit card

      Didn’t know you could use PayPal without a PayPal account?
      Fill out the registration form and then click on the little link indicated by the arrow below
      (THIS IS NOT A LIVE LINK.. but it will be when you get to it in the registration process)

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      I just tried to use the online registration. I seem to have been stuck on the review and continue window. So, I don’t know if I’ve paid several times, or haven’t paid at all?

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      Thanks for the update, Ron. I’ll look right into it
      Did you make it into PayPal? Or were you stuck on our site?


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      I’m pretty sure, it was paypal. It kept saying that I’d already registered w/that information, after filling out all the CC information and clicking on review and continue. I’ve got a paypal, but always forget password, so was trying to pay by CC. Thanks for the reply and looking into it.

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      If your problem was after you left our site and got into the paypal system, I can’t help you.
      However, I have asked Gary Moss (TEAE treasurer) to see if your payment went thru.
      He’ll get back to you directly.
      Sorry for the difficulty


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      Thanks Kerch, that’s all I’m concerned about. I probably did something wrong and it didn’t go through, but would rest easier knowing for sure.

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      OK 😀 Got it through and email conformation. I don’t know what happened, last time, but it went through PayPal w/no problems this time.
      Thanks for the help and time
      See ya there

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      At least two Rootes Group owners will be driving from Nova Scotia, Canada to attend this years’ United.
      We have concerns about availability of ethanol-free gasoline. We have no problems driving through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick as high test is still available ethanol-free. Beginning in Maine and down to Maryland we are no sure where to refuel. I know there is a map online showing locations, but how accurate/up to date is it?.
      How do you guys handle this problem in your older cars, or should we be concerned regarding the 6 or so fill ups we will be doing in the US.
      Thanks for any suggestions or advise.

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      Living in Maryland, I’m not aware of any stations that have gas w/no ethanol (10%). Although I believe ethanol gas is stupid, for several reasons, I have to say, I haven’t had any problems w/it in my SV.

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      I try and only use ethanol free gas in all my carburetor cars. I have used the web site and I am finding it more accurate than it used to be. But in all my drives to the United’s, I always end up having to put some ethanol gas in the tank. What I do is as soon as I return home, I siphon as much gas out of the tanks as I can and put it in my fuel injected car. The I drive to my local ethanol free gas station and fill up.

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      I’ve been using "gas treatments" in the whole pre-1996 fleet of cars -including those 80s fuel-injected ones – as well as the lawn equipment (after wrecking several mower/snowblower/etc carbs). Eastwood has two varieties (one for daily driving and one that alos includes a preservative). I am unaware of "pure" gasoline in NJ, but will check that website (Thanks, Tom). StarTron, Seafoam, and several other additives claim to eliminate ethanol problems, maybe bring a couple of bottles along for "just in case"(?).
      Good luck,

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      This year’s United celebrates 60 years of the Alpine with many special
      events planned for Alpine owners! The location is St. Michaels, Maryland-which is on the Eastern Shore.
      The early registration cutoff date is August 15th and the block of reserved
      hotel rooms expires then too.
      Here is some more updated information-I hope that you can join us with your Alpine, Tiger, Hillman, Talbot, Harrington, Imp or any other Rootes car.

      United 39 Canadian Registrations

      Celebrating 60 Years of the Alpine!
       Plans are shaping up well for United XXXII which will take place in beautiful St. Michaels on Maryland’s Eastern Shore October 10-13. St. Michaels is a beautiful seaside town on the Chesapeake Bay with a nice selection of shops, museums and restaurants. We’ve added some nice features to this year’s event including several special guests who will be spending the weekend with us.
       Registration has been very strong and we’re expecting a big turnout. Don’t forget, the early registration discount ends on August 15th as does our lock on the hotel block of rooms. Register online at:

      Our goal is to encourage as many Alpines as possible to attend and we’ve created a special “Sprit of the Alpine” award. Alpines will be displayed prominently at the Concours. Hagerty Insurance is sponsoring this award.

       The Historic Vehicle association / FIVA will be presenting a Preservation Award given to the best preserved Rootes Group Vehicle so bring out those unrestored, but well loved cars!

       SPECIAL GUESTS: Tim Suddard editor of Classic Motorsports and Grassroots Motorsports will be our guest speaker at Sunday’s banquet. (Tim restored a Tiger chronicled in a series of articles and will actually be spending the entire weekend with us. The club and United will be featured in an article for the magazine). John Roseby is travelling from Great Britain to participate. John is well known in Alpine circles for his restorations and knowledge of Alpine transmissions, especially overdrive units. John will present a tech session for all interested. Martha Wheat/Christiansen who many may know for her excellent upholstery kits will also be here.

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      Regarding the rooms for the United, I made reservations last week by phone and was told there were no King rooms left omly Queens or doubles, I was also told the rooms were booked for several days like before and after, and I was asked for an email address so a conformation could be sent to me,which did come (after a second phone call) however the rates were clearly explaned to me as to how much per day which is what is on the clube web site so all in all it was somewhat painless!


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      Bob and Jean Webb

      there were no king rooms in our block . the hotel only has a total of 7 king rooms. I heard last weekend that there are some rooms that have not been remodeled yet.

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      Rootes Group Enthusiasts,

      We’ve had a great response to this year’s United XXXII in St. Michaels, Md. As of today, we have over 130 people and 60+ cars attending. This is a reminder that if you plan to join us for this year’s event, get those registrations in. We’ve been able to extend the early registration rates at the hotel until September 9th or until the block of rooms is sold out. We’ll also honor the early United registration rates until September 9th. Because of overwhelming interest in the Chesapeake Cruise, we are now sold out. You can register online at:

      United 39 Canadian Registrations

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      Hi, My wife wants to know just how fancy she should dress, for the banquet?
      Yeah, I guess I need to know if I should bring a jacket, also.

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      I don’t think there is a required dress code. Most people save their nicest and cleanest clothes they brought for the banquet. A few people will wear nice shorts or clean jeans and a T-shirt. A few will wear a jacket and a tie. Most are in between that. I usually try and bring slacks and a shirt with a collar. The range for women as I remember is casual to dressy. Plan to wear something comfortable and that you have room to pack in a Sunbeam.

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      Thanks, Tom.

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      Thanks for the info Tom-you do have to dress nicer as you are married to the President…..!
      We have seen the whole range of clothing at previous banquets-sometimes even dirty jeans/shirt from a parking lot Sunbeam repair.

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      Well, I got the Tiger all cleaned up as best I can, and loaded it on the trailer for our planned Wednesday departure… but then "Murphy" stepped in 👿 – no brakelights on the Tiger. (I currently use silicone fluid with a stock switch)
      If anyone has an idea how to take care of this (short notice, etc), it would be appreciated.
      For reference, I don’t think that the "Sharkey Solution" at the B.A.S.H. was that good 😕

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      hit the brake light switch with a large wrench. it may take a few tries to unstick it.

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      Thanks – I whacked it pretty good.. nothing 🙁
      Also noted that it looks like it has been leaking, too – kinda dirty around the whole switch(brake fluid was also low, now I know why).
      I guess I’ll order one up tomorrow (from ??) and have it shipped overnite to have it Tuesday. I’ll bring it along to St Michael’s and hope that I can get some guidance on the installation…

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      sunbeam specialties should have them.

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      I had the same problem more than once. I finally added a micro switch that actuates by the brake pedal. No more problems.
      I just got a generic micro switch, fabricated a bracket so the micro switch would be actuated when the brake pedal was at rest. To wire it, you first need to remove the wires from the factory switch and connect then together. I used a 1/4 inch spade jumper and insulated it with shrink tubing. In the wire harnesses by the clutch and brake pedals, look for a green wire with a purple stripe, that conveniently has a bullet connection. Break the connection and wire the switch in series with the green wire with the purple stripe using the common and normally closed terminals on the micro switch.

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      I’m planning on leaving Elkridge, MD (near US1 and US175) before noon on Friday. Taking US175 to US32 to I 97 to US50/US301 and on to St. Michaels. I’m flexable on time. If anyone thinks they may be on the road, on these routes around this time, let me know. Maybe we can meet up, on the road. My wife, Linda, will be following in her modern Mini.

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      Scott had one switch left "in stock" and got it shipped out for me to get tomorrow.
      Tom – the microswitch sounds like a good idea, but at this point I need the fix to be fast & easy… hopefully I can install it Tuesday nite.

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