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      For people not interested in going to the Autocross on Sunday, there is a British Car show south of Middleburg, Va. on Rt. 50. It is billed as the Hunt Country Classic Vehicle Show and is sponsored by the MG Car Club Washington D.C. Centre. I believe it is about as far away as the tour to the Smithsonian. The organizers have stated we are more then welcome, but would need three cars preregistered to constitute a class for awards. Wouldn’t they be surprised if we showed up in numbers.

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      Joe and I discussed doing a tour on Sunday for those not interested in the Autocross… We could always do a winery tour… I had in mind a Civil War Trail tour… Either is fine with me…

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      I am new and not sure what autocross is but imagine it is a road race?? I would be interested in a Civil War tour or winery instead. I hope to come. I just have to get things together to be sure I can get there. I went to Ohio and put 210o miles round trip but your invasion is even farther. So I am looking at making her a trailer queen for the first time. She really isn’t but I don’t know that I want to put 3000 more miles on her so soon. I will see what I come up with. Hope to make it. Bev

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      Hi Bev
      It was good to see you and your trusty Alpine at the Invasion! Not many would have made the trip that you did. I looked at the map and our United is about 600 miles from your house-so it is closer than the Invasion was. An autocross is taking your car and weaving around pylons in a large parking lot one car at a time to see who has the fastest time. It is a lot of fun! There will be many other things to see and do so I hope you can attend. Maybe you could follow Robert Jaarsma on the drive down?? Eric

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      Hi Eric
      Bob is going? I did not realize that. Perhaps we can caravan. I will have to see what his plans are…don’t want to be a nuisance as you know I have made longer trips on my own but company is nice. Bev

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      The Capital Driving Club is also holding a fun Rally from Springfield, Va to the Hunt Country Car show. The rally starts at 8 am and takes a route through twisty back-roads and last about 2 hours.

      For more information check our in the "News" Section and in the Forum Section under Rally. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me directly at


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