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      United ob der MainStrasse
      (United on the Main Strasse)

      We have a great location but the dates we ideally wanted are swamped due to a special event (Tall Stacks Riverboats) coming to Cincinnati. So here are our dates we can do:

      (Thurs – Sunday)
      September 21 – 24
      October 12 – 15

      The planning crew is leaning toward the September date to to increase the likelihood of a little better weather.

      Anyone have a thought send it in to the forum or me privately. I will be talking to our two main hotels early next week and locking in a date.

      Then watch for the next newsletter. I will have a description of our event, location, and a picture of our concours area. This is a location to not be missed. In addition to us there will be ball games (Cincinnati Reds), Oktoberfests, The only other Hofbrauhaus outside of Munich, aquarium, museums, wineries, riverboats, etc.

      Stay Tuned

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      Hi Curtmeister!
      Since you started the German theme to the United……
      Bonnie and I would like to vote for the October dates for the United. It would make the Sunbeam drive up there a little cooler from the sunny South. Thanks, Eric

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      Well, I have about 6 northerners concerned for the cold weather and one southerner concerned for the hot weather. Now I know why I keep turning down the offer to be president of the United States : ) By the way, this would be the weekend if we picked the later one, and it is 45 degrees and raining : (

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      Just talked to the hotel again and the earlier date in September now has a contract on it although it is not signed yet. I have the October 12 – 15 on hold pending the chance the September date is canceled and or we go to a different hotel.
      Also, because of space and weddings, we may have to move parts to a higher floor. They don’t have much on the ground here. They will “express” an elevator for us so no one else uses it on the day of parts delivery and knockdown. This would allow combining the hospitality and parts in two adjoining rooms on the 16th floor with views of the city. Could be OK as long as we don’t get engine blocks coming in for sale. They also offered part of the secure parking lot for heavy items although it would be open whenever the locked garage is open.

      keep those cards and letters coming in.

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      Nothing to do with this posting, but I was at a car show this weekend and there was a very nice 1958 MG Magnette. It’s a small world.

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      Hi Curt, I just wanted to pass on to you that the 21-24 date in Sept. would be a real problem for myself and Byron Golfin. That is the same weekend that the St. Louis British Car meet takes place and both of us are heavily involved in that event. Did I miss it in your communication why the Sept.28-Oct. 1 weekend was out?

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      The major hotels in the area desired are not available Columbus day weekend or the weekend before due to major events going on here. Looks right now like we will land on the October date. Will know this week. Sept 21 was a maybe option but given the feedback I am getting we may back off that.

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      Sounds like we might have an option of a fall color tour. At least I won’t burn up like I did coming back from Park City, UT in July. Whew! 107 in the car.

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      I like the October date better than the September date, but can live with either.

      Parts next to hospitality is good. Engine blocks, etc. can be advertised with a sign in the parts room and the transaction completed in the parking lot.

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      OK, we are locked and loaded on the location and date. Our headquarters hotel will be the Radisson in Covington Kentucky (right across the river from Cincinnati) for Thursday October 12 – Sunday October 15. I bowed to pressure (from two influential good friends) and have the hospitality room and parts room co-located on the 16th floor overlooking the city. We have half the floor. No whining about taking parts up- they will express an elevator. As payment for this concession and giving up my favorite private bar on the first floor, I expect the parts folks (Eric) to bring some good used parts that I need and give me a very good price : )

      The car show will be across the street in the mainstrasse area with our cars lining the closed off tree-lined street and lunch in the park pavilion at the end of the block by the Glockenspiel (sp?). See photos.

      We are close to a logo and and it will be very nice indeed.

      Parking for Sunbeams will be in the lower garage with a locked gate at the entrance.

      There is a swimming pool and rotating restaurant for your family enjoyment.

      Beyond that here are a few web sites so you can get a feel for the area. I have article ready to go for the next newsletter and will try to hit each one as they come out. Northern KY site Radisson Hotel Mainstrasse organization Greater Cincinnati visitor’s Bureau

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      Great job Curt. You have accomplished about the hardest part of the United-finding a suitable hotel and establishing a venue and then locking in a date and a theme. It all gets easier now!

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