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      George and I met with the Mainstrasse folks and the BB Boat folks. We now have the following ready to go:

      The contract for the Radisson is signed and in. I added in the guarantee of the locked lower level parking and the use of the car wash area so there are no problems later. I will be getting a copy signed by the hotel back probably this week. We have half the 16th floor for a combined hospitality and parts room plus a separate room for the directors meeting Friday at 4:00 and a membership meeting on Sunday at 8:00 (sorry but I wanted to miss the autocross- this is a traditional time for the meeting from my memory anyway). The hospitality room is big enough we could probably have the director meeting there at a time the room is closed as well. We have the hospitality room the entire time Thursday through Monday AM other then part of it is tied up Thursday until 5:00 PM. A corking fee but we can bring all our own stuff.

      We have the approval for the park and street for the concours. The permits will come later but we have the organization and city approval. They say their word is gold. The concourse of course is right across the street from the hotel. We plan also to have the park available all weekend with the covered pavilion for a possible second hospitality location with ability to park some cars for those that want to hang around and chat in the sunlight versus go on the rally, or autocross.

      We have a confirmed private boat for the cruise for Saturday night that will hold up to around 225 people with a minimum or around 125. A private boat gives a little flexibility on the start time although their normal time is 7:00 PM. they can flex that some if we need. We will be having a buffet with menu to be selected later. The boat is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel so our basic plan is to walk there, similar to Alexandria Bay, but the shuttle is also available and there might be another bus option provided as well. more to follow.

      The Mainstrasse organization will solicit their members for catering options for the concours. There are several places along the strip that do this and we will get several bids. They are also going to be asked if there is interest in donating the food as advertising. We’ll see if this is a good idea and can really be counted on. they will also ask their members for discount coupons for dinners and shopping for our registration bag. Lots of neat shopping and restaurants there (and bars of course)

      Mainstrasse will also provide advertising and such and may even have media coverage for our event. they also have the logos that George has used for t-shirts and dash plaques that we will likely use. George has the design group who can finalize the design. This will be a next step now that we have the locations.

      I will be pulling together a budget once I get the catering and boat quotes, the Tshirt and dash plaques costs, and other misc fees, so we know how to set the registration fee. and such. probably will be after the first of the year.

      I drove to Augusta and Madison. both are a good trip with Madison being really too far (around 40 miles and 80 miles one way respectively) although both are nice trips. We have to decide on how long to make this rally and see if there is a closer venue or we just want to set up some type of loop rally without a far away destination like that. George and I both talked and are open to thoughts on this relative to distance and time for this event. We also thought we could get part of the way to Augusta quickly and then take the slow roads to lessen the time. It is Friday and we will need to avoid rush hours and such so will likely want to stay in KY or Indiana until at least the dyno session at Paul’s Automotive Friday afternoon. People would also have the option to take the ferry across the river from Augusta and come back on the Ohio side for a different view if desired. We will also have to give guidance to people on the best way to paul’s and back so we don’t get people trapped in rush hour Friday traffic on I-75.

      Looks like all the date critical items are now locked down except for the autocross which we won’t be able to do until next year and is in the capable hands of Doug Jennings. So the pressure on getting things nailed down is reduced and we can focus on the details and the rally (and things like what we want for dessert at the buffet and what kind of beer to buy for the hospitality room) Tough stuff like that.

      For fill in time- Thursday evening, Friday evening, people not going to the rally, autocross or on the boat cruise, etc. we will need to supply ideas of things to do. Northern KY visitors bureau said they will supply materials to mail to everyone, we can probably get the same from Cincinnati visitors center, plus any other ideas you all may have. The stuff along the levee would fill a weekend alone and then we can add in all the museums, and such in Cincinnati. Not sure if the Bengals will have a game Sunday or not yet. Guess they don’t plan as far ahead as we do. Plus the Tall Stacks will be in the week before so some folks may want to come in early (although the BB boat folks said most of the cruises for the river boats are already booked up that week. If I don’t get my car done by the United I am thinking about dragging it down to the hotel and having a tech session where everyone gets to help put it all together. of course other ideas are welcome ; )

      My first article didn’t make the last newsletter; I assume because the space was needed to report on the last United. Hopefully it will be in the next one. I will have a second article in within the week so we always have something to publish in the newsletter. Once I get the contract I will begin focusing on people at least getting their reservation in so we start getting a feel for the attendance. I will also then be sending out info to other clubs and such that I have. Again, if you have email addresses for the other clubs let me know. i will scour the United books I have for addresses as well. I have STOA and CAT from being a member and will submit articles to them as well. Mike can perhaps take the article and publish to the Alpine group.

      keep working your areas and we will connect again probably live in January to do an update and ensure all the next steps are known and on track. Thanks for all your help in volunteering and have a great holiday if we don’t talk before then.


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      Wow Curt you sure have been busy! From the time of the United just 3 months ago to now you have pretty much got the whole United ready to go. I nominate you to do this every year-good job. I am looking forward to this United. Eric

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      Like you said, there was a lot of United XXV stuff and some other items that were somewhat time sensitive.

      Your article is in the November issue, page 12.

      Keep up the good work and keep me posted on your progress. I will use parts of your update here in the January issue.

      Fred Baum[/u][/b]

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      Great- We have a sample of our likely logo that I may send in with the article so start some “brand identification”. The update will be very brief since we don’t yet have the registration info. Just a tickler to keep interest up.

      I would like at this point to give some major credit to the committee in general and George meinhardt specifically. As was mentioned by several former United Chairpersons having a good committee is key. When George volunteered and gave us some background on who he knew and what he has done my wife said “I think we have a new best friend”. George has turned out to be a God-send and has paved the way to the concours location, cruise and hotel. Nothing like contacts. George even had the artwork for our logo : ) With Doug Jennings here we also think we have the autocross locked. I also don’t like hanging commitments so wanted to jump on the big items.

      So we are sitting now on a done deal and just really have to do the detail work now. Lots of details perhaps but just details : ) I figure if we did nothing else now people could show up, we’d have a boat ride, a banquet, stick the cars out in the park to google over, and sit around the hospitality room and drink. Works for me : )

      Now, how do I get my car ready to drive when it is 10 degrees in the garage and the parts are in the basement? Eric- send some warmth up here right away.

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      Sounds like you’ve really got a great team and are doing a heck of a job. I know I speak for everyone when I say “thanks” for taking on such a big responsibility for the club, taking it seriously, and getting such a major jump on it so early. I’m looking forward to your upcoming United as I’m sure everyone else is.
      As for your Tiger, I hope the weather cooperates a lot more so you can spend time getting it together. It’s a shame you’ve been so busy getting the United together and don’t know if you’ll be able to get your machine there.
      Thanks for keeping us posted and for all your work.

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      I think I may make my Tiger a tech session. I’ll bring all the parts and everyone can put it back together. if we have it beginning Thursday night I might be able to drive it Sunday. Just an idea

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      Oops- Guest is me. Guess I hadn’t signed in. Anyway, I’ll bring the parts and tools : )

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