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      We have 99 registrations, 88 Sunbeams, and over 170 people signed up for the United as of today. Thursday night in the hospitality room we will have a few tech sessions around 8 PM during our United meet and greet so come and relax after your trip to Dayton. See you soon!

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      Actually as of this morning we have 101 registrations. I was hoping we’d exceed 100 and we have. There’s still time to join the fun.

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      First step, install the spiffy TEAE magnet on the tailgate of the Van 😉 and install the [solid steel/extra long] monster ball mount 🙄

      See you in Dayton 8)

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      Nice TEAE magnet Mark. Have a safe trip! Eric

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      Got the cool magnet in our registration packet at the 40th B.A.S.H. 🙂

      Looking forward to the United!!

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      We got here last night and here is the Sunbeam parking lot-it will hold over 100 cars. We will have to get these military vehicles to move out of here by tomorrow!
      Have a safe trip everyone and see you soon.


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      Nice See you there Thursday . First time my Carrie is coming with me
      No car this year at the shop being restored

      Dave K

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      Thanks to all who came to the United! What a wonderful weekend with perfect weather too.
      There were 51 Tigers, 25 Alpines, and 7 Rare Rootes on the show field Saturday along with about 12 others that came just for the show that day. So a total of 95 Rootes vehicles were there to make a total of 357 British cars at the show-which set a new record for the host club. Another record for the host club-the long distance award winners were John and Joanne Baker from Kelowna, British Columbia. They traveled over 2600 miles to attend the show and our United.
      Car show, autocross, and other award winners as well as photos will be posted at soon!
      thanks again, Eric

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      I’d like to thank the United 34 team for a successful event. And to thank all the members that could attend, it wouldn’t be a United without the people. As we look ahead, Atlanta area will be United 35 and then it should be in the Atlantic States area. Hope to see you in Atlanta.

      John Logan Jr V.P.

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      Hey does anyone have pictures?


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      Mr. Crawford took gobs of pictures. He’s sorting out the good ones and working with Kerch to get them posted.

      What a glorious sight to wake up to in the morning….

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      ^^^ Nice – a veritable "Sea of Sunbeams" 😀

      Waiting to see all the pix that Dennis/Mike took.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      I think I see four of the wife’s cars.

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      The list of the autocross and car show winners are on the TE/AE website here.
      Photos to be posted soon. Eric

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      Here is what the shirts looked like that everyone got who entered a car in the British car show on the Saturday-great design!


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      Agreed. Cool shirts!

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      United photos are posted here
      Thanks to all!

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      quote 65sunbeam:

      United photos are posted here
      Thanks to all!

      x2 for the photographers and those that organized and posted them up!

      I don’t see a section for the Auto-X?

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