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      Here are a few photos-it was an incredible weekend! Eric

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      Great shots. I have about 1,000,000 million photos so will try to figure some way to make them available to anyone that wants them. Talked about a DVD or maybe drop them on a Yahoo site. Just need to do a little sorting to eliminate duplicates and fuzzy ones. I have all the photos from the United team. I have every car and all venues.


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      Here are a few more. Eric

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      Who’s that good looking guy in the black jacket standing next to that beautiful woman?

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      I uploaded a pile of pictures to Yahoo Photos. Try this link to access the site. I couldn’t get them all in but there are a bunch. Make sure you capture the entire link in case it wraps around.

      Curt … FBxnDYc76v

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      Thanks Curt! Makes me wish I was back in Covington right now.

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      Great Job on the United!!
      And Great Job on the Photographs!!!

      Paul B

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      As my 82 year old father-in-law says when asked about the meal he just ate,

      "I couldn’t have done better myself!" 😀

      Fred Baum

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