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      Well the Harrington is about ready for the road trip to the United. I greased the front end last night (the early cars have LOTS of areas with grease fittings….) and will do some more drives this weekend to make sure it is ready to go. The weather is cooling down a little so that will make the trip there and back a little easier. Thanks to Curt and crew for all their work so far-see y’all soon! Eric

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      Got my Tiger back so it will make an appearance (in the No Judge category). Weather so far looks great, registration bags are filled, Life is Good. 3 shirts left over with only one miss. Not sure if ours or printer but we were short one Large so gave a XL to the last Large order. Will refund if not a good fit.

      Hofbrauhaus group will leave by 6:30 Thursday for dinner. Bring $15.25 / person since we are now on a small buffet. Extra for beer. Have 84 registered now (I had originally told them we could have up to 25- what was I thinking)

      Hospitality and registration will be on the 16th floor so you can head up there once you arrive on Thursday. We get part of the room at noon for set up and the rest around 5:00 PM. May need to do most of the registrations after dinner since the registration crew is bailing out to go to the Hofbrauhaus.

      Trophies, dash plaques, and junk are in my study. Guess I am going to have to take multiple cars to the United.

      For Friday dinner, check out the rotating restaurant at the top of the hotel, or one of the neat little places in the Mainstrasse area. or hop the shuttle to downtown Cinci or over to Newport on the Levee (where the Hofbrauhaus also resides), or hop in your beamer and go where your heart desires.

      Some talk of excursions (at least by some of the spouses not so interested in dyno sessions or carb talk) over to the gambling boats in Lawrenceburg, Indiana- only 25 miles away.

      Have a safe trip out and look forward to seeing you all in just a few days.

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      Thanks, Curt, to you and your group for all the hard work and effort put in to creating what looks to be an absolutely fantastic event.

      Fred Baum
      Looking to Thursday with great anticipation.

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      Curt-do I need to bring my official embroidered TE/AE longjohns? Looks like it will be a little cool-but still great Sunbeam weather!

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      Actually for you southern boys you might want to remember to toss in an ice scraper for the windows and maybe a knock down snow shovel. You never know.

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      Yikes- just saw the weather – great sunny days but a high of 57 on Saturday. Better bring your warm socks : ) The Skyline chili will warm you up at lunch but maybe we should serve hot rum toddies instead of iced tea. Won’t likley be too many people hanging out on the front deck of the boat for the cruise that night.

      Chance of frost so could have a little scraping on the windows in the morning for the non Sunbeamers. For cars and such that can fit you will likely want to park in the undergroung parking lot to avoid frost and any potential for theft. Sunbeams of course will be in the lowest level and it will be locked at night. ( hope it is there- we walked up to the locked gate and they assured us there is parking down in that cave)

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      Looking like I will be a one day visitor is there a day pass price?

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      Yes. If you are just coming to visit around, see the cars, go to the parts and hospitality, it is $10. If you are going to enter a car and do lunch it is $25. That is for Saturday when most would do a single day. It is really too late for the other events like the riverboat, banquet and such.

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      Ok, here is the scoop. Sunny mostly, a little cool, great Fall weather for Friday and Saturday for all the overheating Tigers, and maybe a chance of rain on Sunday to keep the autocross times in line. We’ll take it.

      Not quite T shirt weather but hey- the leaves are turning faster now. The Rally should be perfect.

      Oct 12 Partly Cloudy / Wind
      49°/32° 20%

      Oct 13 Sunny / Wind
      49°/33° 20%

      Oct 14 Mostly Sunny
      56°/38° 20%

      Oct 15 Few Showers
      61°/47° 30%

      Oct 16 Cloudy
      59°/51° 20%

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      I am bringing all of the Club’s embroidered jackets and other regalia to sell-should sell all of them with those temperatures! Thanks for the weather report.

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