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      Wanted to see if there would be interest in planning a Thursday dinner for the first night of the United. The Hofbrauhaus in not too far away and is the only one outside of Munich. Authentic German Hofbrauhaus with home made beer, usual German fare and party atmosphere. If we did it we would probably set a small number, say 50 people, and do it on a first serve basis or something to keep it simple. Just not sure if it is worth it or there is interest.



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      It’s a great idea. Making reservations, while seemingly efficient, may not work well for the first night. I’m sure some will commit, but there will likely be a great disparity on the actual count because of the impromptu nature of arrivals. Many times during the first eve, new arrivals simply wonder around and find places to go. It would be a great service if the Hofbrauhaus was promoted and coordinated as part of the hospitality program. I suspect many would take you up on it. This requires a lot of flexibility on the Hofbrauhaus operators to tolerate a large variance of customer count. I think 50 is a good max count. It all depends how it is promoted.


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      Sign us up! I went to Octoberfest in Munich last year and if this place is anything like the original, we will have some fun. So is the bratwurst and jaegersnitzel just as good too? Eric

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      We’re in as well. We plan to leave Wednesday, stay someplace about half way, and arrive Thursday. I’m always up for brats and beer, especially if the brats are cooked in beer before they are grilled. Maybe I’ll bring some Wisconsin brats to continue the party at the hospitality suite.

      If you want to promote this as an event, list it in the Rootes Review and on line.

      Fred Baum

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      Hi Curt,

      I recommend you do the Hofbrauhaus if it’s not too far away. Some people may not want to jump back in their beloved car for another long drive of the day after a long drive to get to the hotel.

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      sign me up also it sounds good. I think everyone will have a central place to go to if they don’t want to explore the area.

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      Chuck & Wanda King

      It sound like a good idea to me as well, but I don’t want to sign up for it. At the last United we planned to leave early enough to be there by 4 PM Thurs, but we were late leaving and didn’t get there till 1 AM Fri. Too much chance the same thing could happen since it will probably be a 10 hr run.

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      I’m definitely in for the Hofbrauhaus. I would just make it as a reservation for how ever many people you would anticipate and let everyone pay individually for what they eat and drink. That way no club money is in jeopardy. Everyone seems to enjoy an organized place to go the night before the event officially starts.

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      Curt. The two of us will be there. George & Madeline Barton

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