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      i suggested two locations,,French lick resort in southern indiana and brown county indiana..both locations are prime for some good sunbeam it sits im just waiting for some paperwork to submit my proposal for one of these locations and after that maybe i could get some more info up on the any other members have any suggestions?

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      brown county sounds like a great place! and it does have a history of automotive meets so the hotels shoud be easy to work with.

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      it might be alittle tricky to do this meet at brown county just cause of timing issues,it seems in the fall they get pretty booked up, and with the info i recieved from a planner of the park claims they might not have a block of hotel rooms for all of us..thats why i started to contact French Lick resort which they claim has all the room us sunbeam guys need and are more than welcoming us if we decide to go with that,,these are all loose plans as of still pushing for brown county but if they canoot meet our needs than like always we will find a place that will..on a side note after all the propsal info gets submitted to tigers east board and they vote on a location i will need help from any local members willing to lend a helping hand..

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      One thing for sure, as a TEAE BOD member, we should identify a 2011 United site before end of this year. As you guys know, we have a general need for accommodations, auto-x site and a host with a talented willing support team. Several ideas are being put on the table as I write this. At the moment Brown County, Elkhart Ind, a site in Kansas (don’t know where) and Dave Johnson has a place too. He has a call into me as I write this.

      Thanks for using this forum to review ideas. More will come.

      PS, I’ve been to Brown County SAAC events several times years ago, many years ago when Steve and Joyce Yates did their thing. I remember it fondly. Especially the cabins. I do not remember what general lodging accommodations were available or if any were large enough to accommodate a central location for a group our size, approx 150 – 200

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      i agree with toms post,,we need to find a spot before the first of the year,,with that being sais my father david johnson{midwest rep} and i have scouted out locations in southern indiana and we came up with a town called french lick/west baden,,in fact we went ahead and picked up there booklet of info and figured a group like ours would fit in well there..all the proposals ive collected are being submitted this week to the board members..we located and made contact with local scca clubs and have found a parking lot to autocross in,hoosier national forest looks to be a great rally site,and the french lick hotel offers everything we would need for this i said these are all loose plans and nothing set in stone yet,but my father david johnson and i have made some dents in the leg work part and would love to put on an event in southern indiana{we also have a crew of te/ae members willing to help also}

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      French Lick Resort looks like a nice place. Good choice.

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