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      I’m coordinating the tech session for the TE/AE United in the Fall of 2010. Since we have plenty of time to plan, lets take a look at the subject of tech sessions in general.

      Using your experience at Uniteds, Suni’s or other car events, please consider and respond to the following questions;

      What types of tech sessions have you considered worthwhile in the past?

      What types of tech sessions were definitely not worthwhile?

      What would you like to see?

      What would be a waste of time?

      If we had a live demonstration of some procedure, how long should it be? What would you like to see demonstrated?

      If a live demonstration was quite long, would you consider skipping other events to follow it to completion, a tour, picnic, or whatever?

      Would you want to have tech presentations during one of the other events, such as the autocross or the concours?

      Do you want published notes for each presentation?

      What could YOU present?

      Any other thoughts?

      I don’t know what we’ll be able to do with any of this info. As the schedule evolves, we’ll find out how much time we would have for any presentations or demonstrations. Tod did say that we may be able to bring a car into one their meeting areas and do some sort of demonstration there. They probably would not want us making too much of a mess, though.

      Thanks in advance for your consideration.

      Stu Brennan

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      Hi Stu
      How about Tiger Tom showing us the guts of an Alpine OD unit and what wears out, how to repair it, and operating tips. The same info about brake boosters would be interesting. Perhaps a vintage tire supplier could update us on available 13 inch tires and wire wheel tips. Many automotive paint suppliers have reps to give talks on their line of paint and supplies-that would be interesting to hear as well. Just some ideas to toss around! Thanks, Eric

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      Duke Samouce

      Would love to see the rear wheel bearings R&R on a Tiger.

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      I remember a "life" section at the Dayton United many moons ago:
      Installation of the soft top. This could be done again.
      If somebody has the car and the top, and the owner might get it installed perfectly for free.

      2. Installation of the front window with adjustments to the quarter door windows.
      3. Headliner installation in a hardtop.
      4. Brake caliper rebuild.
      5. Electrical circuit updates: adding fuses, relays, generator to alternator swap, etc.
      6. A full restoration planning session: Do-‘s and don’t-‘s.


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      I sure vote yes for TigerTom doing the guts of the Alpine OD unit! (Saw him do a transmission in Georgia. It was, as expected, MASTERFUL!) A supplier of 13" tires AND TUBES would be really useful!

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