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      Have a ’66 Mk IA, all stock except intake. The car is mostly original.

      Began removing the cooling system for its first service yesterday… some of the solder joints have given up the ghost.
      Back in the early ’80’s, I had painted the fan shroud, surge tank and fan pulley with Nason gloss black enamel with hardener. Did the generator in rattle can Rustoleum flat black. The oil fill cap appears to (maybe) have been done in gloss rattle can black, as it has some scratches and the paint film doesn’t seem to be very thick.
      Since it was so long ago, I can’t remember what the original sheen of these black parts were.
      As much as I like the quality of the gloss that the enamel provided (not too thick and dipped looking like base/clear, but not cheezy like rattle can either), I may want to return them to OE if possible.

      Anybody have pictures, links or other info as to what is "concours correct" for these parts?

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      Hi Pete
      I looked in my Book of Norman and found the following
      Fan shroud, fan pulley, and surge tank are gloss black. Oil fill cap is satin black as is the generator. The generator mounting bracket is gloss black.
      Hope this helps!

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      Absolutely, yes, thank you!!

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