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      Jim Stone

      The new issue of the Rootes Review has an article about the recent Pennsylvania BASH and a description of the tech sessions, including:

      quote :

      Topics included … tricks not in the service manuals for adjusting turn signal canceling mechanism to prevent breaking plastic arms

      I was sad to miss the BASH this year, although I had a very good excuse: I was in California with my wife celebrating our 40th anniversary. I am even sadder now, as I just broke my turn signal plastic arm and have one coming this week from SS. I bought some time by installing an old one I had laying around, but will be fixing the original as soon as the new part arrives. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed so I don’t break the new one, too? Thanks.

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      Jim, I did a presentation on turn signal steering column tab adjustment…called bending. There is both an art and science to bending this tab to prevent premature signal lever failure.The factory (LUCAS) did issue an illustration but it was not thorough or released with kits after the 60’s. I have updated the illustration on hard copy and need to digitize it. Your query will help light the fire to do so. I’ll try and do in the next week. Will make available on forum and RR when done. I am bringing the demo rig I made for Show’n Tell at the BASH to the United for a tech session. Trust you can make it. TT

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      Jim Stone

      Thanks Tom. The spare I am using looks ugly, but it works for now…or at least it will until my mis-adjusted tab breaks that, too. 😀 I received the rebuild kit from SS yesterday and will fix the broken one but wait for the digitized instructions to install it.

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      I’ll look forward to the write-up, as well, as my signal only works for right turns (lever up) but won’t hold for left (lever down).


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      OK guys, Make sure your turns in life are right. We have plenty of leftists. Will do my best to get you down the middle of the road in about week. TT

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      My turn signals never burn out nor does the tab break. The secret is not to use them. My mother-in-law fusses at me all the time for not using them.

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      OK Jim, I’m a few weeks late but I drafted a tech tip for the turn sig swt. I attached as a pdf. This is a beta test so let me know if it makes sense or I need to tweak it. TT

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      Thank you, TT! It will probably be a few weeks before getting a chance to address this but I’ll share any feedback I have.

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      No hurry…’s been over 50 years in the making. TT

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      Jim Stone

      Thanks, Tom! I am not near my car at the moment but will put my newly rebuilt switch back on this week.

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