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      Just thought I’d invite everyone to make sure your “Registry” information is current. Can’t promise a response to evryone, but I’ll do my best.

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      Do YOU know where Tiger B9470145 is ?

      I have the ORIGINAL window sticker of this car! And like to give it to the owner if it still exists.

      I posted more details earlier, under “Tiger B9470145.”

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      Sorry, TIROST has no report of this Tiger’s fate.

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      hey norm,

      just updated on ur wonderful website. And i was wondering, are there any tigers in Omaha besides me that you have registered? There is a blue one, that i sent to you a while back. He is in Omaha and living here. I think you said that you had that registered in Lincoln, but he is in omaha now.

      thanks alot,


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      The “Registry” shows three Tigers in Omaha. Yours, the blue car you speak of and a black machine that will most likely turn up sooner, or later.

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      are you able to give me more info on the black one? I have never seen a black one in omaha.

      pm me if you want.

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