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      i was just wondering if there was anyone that i could meet that was close to me. I am 14 and live in Omaha, Nebraska. I am restoring my 66 sunbeam tiger and just wanted to meet another person that has one to see and hear it.

      i am almost done with finishing my restoration. My car has sat in the garage for about 13 years. So i had to clean fuel system, put in all new fluids, new spark plugs, new fuel pump, new brake and clutch masters, and just clean some other stuff up. I am almost ready to start the car. The condition of my car is pretty good. The exterior is great, and the interior is perfect, just the mechanical stuff isnt too good at the moment, but it will be soon. Right now everything is original except the wire wheels and air cleaner.

      I will try to send a pic, as i dont know if we are aloud to on here? But i will try.
      ok i guess you cant. or does someone know how if we can?

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      Congratulations on your restoration progress! I’m glad to see someone your age with an interest in Sunbeams. I live up in Mitchell, South Dakota and occasionally drive to Omaha. If you ever get north to SD let me know. You are welcome to visit and see my two Alpines and my Tiger clone. 8)


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      Doesn’t look like you can post an image directly, but only reference a message hosted elsewhere.

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      It is best to keep your image size to around 60k plus or minus and actually 30k is a pretty good size.

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      maybe you could call me next time you drive to Omaha and we can meet. I went to yankton SD last summer twice to go fishing at the dam. When do you think you would be going to Omaha?

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      TEAE has a member in its roster with a Tiger:
      Don Robertson in Hastings, you might want to try to connect with him.

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      Hi again Joey: Fishing on the Missouri at Yankton – sounds good to me. I frequently drive the Tiger over to Chamberlain to do the same thing. Since Yankton is only a bit further I can go there as well. Once we get into April and May contact me when you’ll be in Yankton. I can drive over. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      I’m sorry for my english because I’m french.

      I have also a tiger in france to restoring.
      it’s my father’s car.

      My father had a tiger in 1972 and he had a children in 1975 (me) ๐Ÿ˜€
      the tiger was more little for a children and 2 parents.
      my father have sell the tiger ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      there is 2 years i’m purchase a tiger for my father an d ihave find it in Aix in Provence to france.

      my father and me restoring it actualy and it’s a phater happy.

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