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      Bob Banach

      So I am at the point of doing the research on which tires and wheels I am going for on my MK1A.

      Thoughts on tires, ie., size and brand?????

      Any suggestions on types of wheels?

      Has anyone purchased the "Classic Style Alloy Wheel " from Victoria British? $150 ea doesn’t seem like a bad price…..

      Thanks in advance!

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      Look at VTO’s we put them on the Tiger were doing 180 bucks apiece nice wheel came with caps, wheel nuts ,stems, free shipping as to tires we,ve used Falken in the past and now have Dunlops on this Tiger only thing about dunlops is you cannot get a 225 rear tire that some of us like to run. 15" wheels
      by the way offers a better selection of tires. we’ve used 205 /50 fronts and 225/50 rears.


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      +1 on Joel’s post.

      I am running 16 inch diameter VTO’s in the Minilite style (the older superlite from Australia version). I think you will like the ride quality of 15 inch tires better. Going with only 6 inch rims in the front versus 7 inch rims will make for more enjoyable steering effort. Seven inch rims are good for the back. Just be sure you get the right offsets (back spacing) for front and back.

      If you are like most Tiger owners, you do not put enough miles on your car yearly to make mileage rating relevant. Tires will probably get too old before they wear out, so get the best gripping tires possible. I have Dunlop Direzza Star Specs on my car.


      Correction, the Dunlops are on my 15 inch street class autocross wheels. I have Michelins on my 16 inch street wheels in sizes no longer available. Like the Dunlops better.

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      Roger Nyberg

      Rick at SS has replicas of the lat 70 wheels in 5.5 and 7 in widths and Minilites ($$$). VTO/ Pack Racing has 13 and 15 in wheels with various widths. Tom Hall posts that 15 in. lat 70 wheels are comming soon. 13 in tires are getting few and far between, although Toyo Proxie Viamodes are comming @ $60.00 ea. vs $130.00 for 888s for 205/60/13s. The el cheapo way is aluminum Capri II 5.5 wheels from the 70’s with a 1 in spacers ($70.00) on the rear axle with 185/60/13 tires.

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      I have 15" Panasports from Dale Askenusky (spelling?), with Dunlops 195 in the front and 205 in the rear. It rides very well. Robert

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      Carl Fronk

      Hi Robert, 15" by what width F&R? I’ve heard 6" on the front and 7" on the reat. Are the tires 60 or 70 series? Any problem with clearance, the rear looks relatively tight for 15" but I’ve seen others are using them as well. Thanks Carl

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