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      It looks like I am going to remove my "Tiger" aluminum valve covers – lifter noise. I assume they were originally installed with the engine out. I’m not sure I will have enough clearance for simple removal.
      If anyone has experience at this please comment.\
      Thank you

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      I "observed" this operation, did not perform it…
      Pretty sure you can loosen/remove motor mount (hold engine up with jack from underneath) to get enough clearance for valve cover removal. The aluminum ones were installed on my car with the motor IN.
      Maybe someone else will chime in with more specifics.
      Good luck.


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      I’ve done a couple sets (if you’re talking about the "Tiger Powered by Ford" covers. You can do it without removing the motor or loosening the mounts but it takes some fancy maneuvering, especially on the driver’s side.

      Fred Baum

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