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      In search of NOS rear panel below trunk lid as well as used straight bumper for either Tiger/Alpine. If not, if anyone has a rust free rear end that the lower rear panel can be cut from, I would appreciate a lead.



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      Ugh. Very sorry to hear this… such a great original car.
      Good luck with the search.

      FWIW, If you have anyone who can post on the facebook pages (“Sunbeam Tiger” group or “TE/AE” group, you’ll likely find more activity/chance of finding what you need.

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      Thanks Mark for the kind words and hints. The car will be repaired on their nickel, of course.


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      Mike Schreiner

      I have this….but I guess only half of what you need?….I also have some bumpers that will need re chrome….I a,m in Florida….Mike

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      Tom – Hi, a quick question. Replacing the rear valence will certainly involve a few dozen hours of labour, based on my experience with rebuilding the shell of my Alpine. For the same effort I think you could get the original valence straightened out, as long as there was not any corrosion damage. It’s interesgting how relatively easy the piece could return to its original stamped shape with a bit of hammer and dolly work and perhaps the use of a stud gun for pulling in select spots. Would it be an option?

      Gary Corbett

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      At the time of the accident, I was thinking worse case, therefore asked for a nos valence.

      After talking with quite a few folks, Tiger owners and repairers, I have been told that the panel can be repaired with like said…… multiple body hours.

      I will be taking it in July for repair and hopefully won’t be able to tell if the accident ever happened. Car is rust free and was accident free.

      I’m hoping that I will make it to MO.

      Robert Harter

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