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      Joseph Urban

      I am looking for a Voltmeter with correct style to replace ammeter on a 1964 MK1 Tiger — these were available some years back.

      Update 8/2/2022 — I bought the voltmeter for my MK1 Tiger from .

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      From: Jim <>

      Sent: Friday, December 1, 2017 10:44 PM
      Subject: Re: Volt gauge

      Hi Joel
      I have a couple voltmeters left that would be correct for MK1A
      I accept paypal to this email asl long as it’s sent ‘friends and family’ so I don’t get any extra fees or a cheque…

      Cost is US$105 with shipping to Canada or US
      I will have some free time on Monday so could send it out then

      All Tigers had ‘Jaeger’ branded gauges ( except the optional ammeter which was Lucas and optional clock was Smiths ) but Smiths was the actual manufacturer as they had bought out the Jaeger name.
      All my gauges are made by the descendant company of the original’Smiths instruments’ company which is located in Wales

      This looks and fits like it belongs – try Jim out. I am satisified//Joel

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