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      Is it true that the Tiger is not recognized and accepted in the Shelby America Automobile Club?

      I know that Shelby actually did not do any work on the car, but the car was created by George Boskoff, one of his employees, and it was created in his shop.

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        I think that they do accept the tiger, my cars previous owner was a member of it, and i read on their site they accept all shelby related cars as members, but they have different levels of involvement.. i guess in the shelby world tiger owners are the alpine owners in the sunbeam world 😆 😆 😮 😮 😀

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        The Tiger may not be as popular as a Cobra or a Shelby Mustang with SAAC, but I have found the club to be receptive.
        According to the books, Shelby American engineered and built the 1st real Tiger (even though the car didn’t have that name at the time).
        The SAAC motto calls for ENTHUSIASM, ownership is not required.
        Carroll himself is a fan of the Tiger, as evidenced by his attendance at SUNI in Utah. He and Cleo commented on the Tiger tail hanging from my gas cap at SAAC 25.

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        I seem to recall that Shelby owns or owned a Tiger? Thats a pretty good endorsement eh?

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