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      I went to a car show a couple of weeks ago and got a trophy for “Best Import”. OK, so it was mostly Mopars and Chevys but it was good for the ego. The show was about 20 miles from home. About 5 miles into the trip home, the generator froze. After several failed attempts to create a belt for the water pump, I called the wrecker. Once we made it home, $130 later, I decided the time had come to move one of my want to’s into the have to category. I called Paul Reisentz at Reisentz Restorations. He shipped me his aluminum alternator bracket and directions for the conversion. It took me about 4 hours. Between the cost of the show, the tow job, the bracket and alternator, the trophy ended up costing me about $400. I recommend that anyone wanting to convert to an alternator skip the tow truck part and convert before the antique generator gives out. Paul was a great help. His directions were idiot proof and the result looks great.

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      Bud-your $400 trophy could be a great award to pass on at the next United! The “Ultimate Hard Luck Award” At least then you wouldn’t have to look at it anymore………….Eric

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