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      What a great United. Perfect weather, great driving roads, plenty of Sunbeam friends, and Mrs. Rowe’s Restaurant ( Mom+Pop Southern style food) just down the road! Thanks to Jim, Russ, and crew for all of their hard work. Eric

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      (Hmmm… Eric beat me to this by less than an hour – darned retired guys can do stuff anytime 🙄 )

      ^^^ Yes, HUGE THANKS to the United XXXVI Team for putting on a SUPER event.
      A beautiful area, picture-perfect weather, superb venues for all activities, and more Sunbeams and ‘Beamers than you can shake the proverbial stick at!
      We had a great time 😀
      Mark & Nancy

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      Ron and Cathy Stein

      Ditto. Cathy and I had a great time. Thanks to Jim, Russ, Jan and all the volunteers who made the weekend special. That Blue Ridge drive was spectacular. Looking forward to next year on Long Island and will try for a larger Canadian contingent…

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      Take care everyone, good to see you all.

      What a great sight from the 6th floor. After everyone pulled out you could see how the cars had marked their territory. Hahaha

      We made it back to Pennsylvania with no problems. All Sunbeams ran great.

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      Thanks for a great United. John & Laurie Logan

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      ^^^ and Congrats to John for "cleaning up" at the Awards banquet!

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      If you go to BRR-SCCA web site, then photos, then event #8 there are pictures of our autocross posted.

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      Dan Richardson

      I and my son had a great time looking at all the great Sunbeams….Meeting folks face to face for the very first time was exciting too!

      Sharing memories of our Sunbeams and when we first came in contact with an Alpine…..

      Parts galore in the PARTS ROOM.

      Thanks to all the "Makers of the successful event" and participants.

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      James Lindner


      Great to meet you. Hope you can make it to Long Island next year…with your car.


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