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      TE/AE United 2010
      Midcoast Maine
      Rockport – Rockland – Owls Head
      October 8 – 11, 2010

      The United meeting of Tigers East/Alpines East be held in the midcoast region of Maine on Columbus Day weekend (Oct. 8 – 11) in 2010.

      The events and other activities will be held at the Samoset Resort in Rockport, ME, at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Owls Head, ME and in the surrounding area. OHTM will be holding their annual Foreign Auto Festival & Antique Aeroplane Show on Sunday, October 10, 2010. The museum is very interested in having TE/AE as the featured Club at the event. The Samoset is a four-star resort situated on the shore of Penobscot Bay and offers many amenities and activities for its guests. The Owls Head Transportation Museum houses a large collection of antique and classic cars and airplanes and has facilities to host many activities. OHTM and The Samoset are located about 15 minutes apart.

      Parts Room
      Hospitality Suite
      Dinner Cruise – from Rockland and/or Port Clyde
      Lobster Bake
      Road Rally/Tour of Local Area
      Museum Tour at OHTM
      Tech Session(s)
      Awards Banquet
      TAC Inspection
      Other activities TBD

      We have a commitment from the Samoset to offer rooms at the rate of $119 per night. This is quite reasonable, since the usual, in-season, rate is $259. This includes the use of all the facilities the Samoset offers.

      We anticipate that the autocross will be held at OHTM in their parking lot.

      We plan to offer a dinner cruise in the waters around Rockland Harbor, probably on Friday night and a lobster bake on Saturday, perhaps at the autocross location. These will be voluntary activities for which we have not gathered prices/costs.

      Other Notes:
      As noted above, OHTM will be holding their annual Foreign Car Show and Antique Airplane Exhibition on Sunday, October 10 at which TE/AE will be the featured club. The museum is interested in having our concours along with their show and will arrange space for the task.

      Since OHTM will have their show on Sunday, it will necessitate TE/AE having the autocross on Saturday, on the paved area at OHTM adjacent to the museum. It will also be possible to have a Lobster Bake/Picnic at the same location, afterwards, for those interested in the real flavor of Maine. While the autocross is taking place, we propose to have a local tour/rallye to take in some of the sights of the area, such as the changing fall colors and the lighthouse at Marshall Point (

      There are many interesting things to see and do in the area and we will endeavor to arrange visits to some points of interest such as the Farnsworth Art Museum and the Maine Lighthouse Museum as well as other spots in and around Rockland in addition to the activities already mentioned.

      Contact has been made with Roy Axe, former Director of Design for Rootes, to be our banquet speaker.

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      Wow! That area is great. Can’t wait – is it 2010 yet? 🙂

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      This is great information!
      Please, when you post it, could you either drop me a note and tell me it’s here, or use the contact form on the site .. or something.. so we can get this stuff added to the main site.
      People besides forum users.. (general visitors) might be interested.
      Could drum up some more members.. especially in the area of the event.

      I’ll pluck this info and add it there. But I don’t check here very often.

      Kerch McConlogue

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      I’ve got the official flyers from Tod for United 2010 before they arrive in print.

      (See attachments)

      I can’t wait to go to Maine this fall. It looks like the United team is planning a great time for us!


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      Bob and Jean Webb

      we’re trying to schedule time off for the united and we have a question . what day will the banquet be ????

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      As usual, Rootes United 2010 is a four day event in that we have reserved various amounts of rooms at the Samoset Resort from Thursday October 7 through Sunday October 10 with Thursday/Friday less than Saturday/Sunday. The Banquet is scheduled for Sunday night after the Concourse at Owls Head. The Autocross is Saturday at Owls Head, with Friday/Thursday open to a rally/tour/cruise/lobster bake/informal reception respectively. Numbers of reserved rooms vary according expected turnout with the bulk of the rooms for Saturday/Sunday. 😀

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      we reserved our room today. i was told that the hotel was booked solid except for the block of rooms for the club. i don’t know how many rooms were blocked off, so i would reserve early. we also had to pay more for our room than what has been listed even though it is in our block of rooms since we will have our usual tag along 26 year old with us. we also were told that you have your choice of a room with a single queen or a double queen. how many rooms were blocked for the club?

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      Sorry about your reception at the Samoset. I will contact them and see if anything can be done. As far as rooms reserved, we have 25 for Thursday night, 50 for Friday and Saturday and 40 for Sunday night. Columbus Day weekend is a heavily visited time in Maine because it is just about the peak of fall color and many "leaf peepers" show up. We have scheduled a dinner cruise on Penobscot Bay on Friday, a Lobster Bake on Saturday and the Banquet on Sunday. The Autocross will run on Saturday and the Concours on Sunday. We realize this is different from some of the past Uniteds, but we needed to schedule our events to coincide with the activities at The Owls Head Museum. If anyone has questions or concerns, I can be contacted by email or phone and would appreciate your input.


      Tod Brown
      Chair, United XXIX
      Warren, ME

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      there is no problem. we usually try to book a larger room or suite so we were concerned when they told us the hotel was totally booked and there weren’t any other type of rooms available in the hotel. since it’s only february, i asked if there were still plenty of rooms available for our group and they were not able to or wouldn’t tell me. it looks to be a great place !

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      I had a talk with our contact at The Samoset, Will Clayton, yesterday and he explained that it is the policy of the hotel to charge for extra people in a room. However, he said that they would not do that for our event and would make the change for the member who had already been charged. Please let me know if anyone has any further difficulties along this line. I did not get a definitive answer to whether they were completely booked (outside of our block of rooms) but Will told me it was entirely possible, even at this early date. Columbus Day is a big deal in Maine, if you have never experienced it, due to it being close to peak fall color which brings many visitors (often referred to as "leaf-peepers"). It was just that weekend over thirty years ago that my wife and I first came to Maine and I clearly remember having some difficulty finding a place to stay. Things have not changed much, apparently. The lesson, then, is to make your reservation early. If anyone has other questions or concerns, please contact me either by email at , at 207-832-9914 or through the Forum.

      Hope to see you all here in October.


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      Duke Samouce


      I have reservations, made them months ago. When will registration be open? I am thinking that my friend and I will want to get a round of golf in. Will there be a special rate for a round to include golf clubs (no way will they fit in my Tiger)? I am driving from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and can’t wait to start the trip!

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      Jan and I are doing the registration form and the tally. At this point we are waiting for the ice to thaw from our lakes in Maine, the ocean to top 50 degrees, the leaves and grass to turn green and ultimately the waterfront businesses to open their doors. Our target date is the end of April to get prices for the Lobster Bake and the Dinner Cruise so we will have only one registration form to tally numbers for these events, as well as an indicator of the Tee Shirt price. We have not addressed the golfers in the group, but we can contact the Samoset to see if there are any special rates which can be extended to our group. To encourage early registration, the Owls Head Museum has given us two free bi-plane rides for two people (that’s 4 people total) for a 20 minute flight along the coast of Maine and a fly over one of our events, weather permitting. Our cut- off date and the winning registration numbers have not yet been set , but rest assured, it will be way before the Columbus Day event.
      Steve Towle

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      Regarding room reservation at The Samoset Resort via telephone or email, make sure to say you are attending the TE/AE Rootes United event which is being held at their facilities. We have reserved a block of rooms starting Thursday Oct. 7 through Sunday Oct. 10. This is Columbus Day weekend which is during the height of “foliage season” for those who like “leaf peeping” in Northern New England. Reports have it the Resort is full except for our block of rooms, so if you plan on attending, want to be in the heart of the action, early reservations are encouraged. The Samoset has also extended the $119 rate before and after the event if any attendee would like to extend their stay for golfing, sightseeing, touring and exploring “Down East” coast of Maine or continuing further to the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Contact information can be found at or

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      We finally reserved our room. (We’re even ahead of TT and Joanne this year.) Make sure you call and get ahead of the leaf peepers though!

      Floors 1 thru 3 of the resort have been freshly renovated. Not that it bothers me greatly, because we’re going to be out having so much fun, we will only return to the room to sleep!

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      That’s great! I’m sure you and Valerie will not be disapointed with this event and the Mid-Coast Maine setting.

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      The hotel rooms are filling up amazingly fast!

      Make your hotel room reservation in time. The event registration form will appear shortly.


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      Duke Samouce
      quote jaars:

      The hotel rooms are filling up amazingly fast!

      Yea they have. I tried to add the 7th to my reservation and The Samoset is completely full. I made one at a nice place 1 mile up the coast for the 7th, it was their last room too.

      I’ll be rolling in around 8 PM on the 7th, so I won’t see much of it. If I was younger, I would sleep in the car.

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      We are working on increasing the number of rooms. Will post when we get the figures. If there is a problem, we will also find some additional lodging close by.

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      The United team met with the Samoset Resort management yesterday, June 9th to increase available rooms for Thursday, October 7th and Sunday, October 10th . We were also assured if rooms were being filled within the next couple of months , additional rooms could be added to our block at the agreed rate of $119. We also finalized the registration form with the appropriate Event registration fee, lobster bake, luncheon cruise and denim shirt prices. Registration forms will be published in an upcoming Rootes Review or available at . Any questions or issues with Resort accommodations can also be sent to the above Gmail address.

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      How about sending the registration form to me so I can place it in the next couple RRs.

      Please send it so I can make changes to spacing if necessary to fit the newsletter format. Please do not send a PDF.


      Fred Baum

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      I have just sent the final form back to Robert Jaarsma and Tod Brown for proofreading. Robert is in the process of a promo write up to accompany the registration. We will try to have both of these in your hands by the end of the week.

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      Congratulations to Dave Reina and Donna Koretsky, the 25th official registration for Rootes United 2010. They are the first of two registrants who have won the Biplane ride for two at the Owls Head Museum. The ride includes a fly over the event and a scenic tour up the Maine coast for 20 minutes in a 1933 Waco, a value of $350. (See for details).
      On another matter of interest, the Samoset has received over 60 room reservations to date; however, only 25 registration forms for the event have been received. We have found people are registered for various United activities, including the banquet, but some room reservations are inconsistent with the times of the events. We are trying to create a system of “checks and balances” by cross referencing the registration forms activities with the room reservation dates at the Samoset. In this way, we can identify any discrepancies and notify you.
      We urge you to REGISTER NOW as registrant #50 also qualifies for the second biplane ride.

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      Rootes United 2010 Events Schedule (Tentative)

      Thursday, October 7

      Registration 3:00 – 6:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Parts room setup (vendors) 4:00 – 6:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Dinner on your own 6:00 on Local Restaurants
      Hospitality Suite 7:00 – 10:00 pm Samoset Room TBD

      Friday, October 8

      Hospitality Suite 8:00 – 10:00 am Samoset Room TBD
      Registration 10:00 – 2:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Parts Room 10:00 – 2:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Tech Session #1 10:00 – 11:00 am Samoset – Banquet Room
      Tour of Boat Building School 1:00 – 2:00 pm Rockland
      Autocross Tech Inspection 1:00 – 3:00 pm Samoset
      Tech Session #2 2:00 – 3:00 pm Samoset – Banquet Room
      Sunset Cruise (leave Owls Head/Rockland) 3:15 pm (no later)
      4:00 – 6:30 pm Drive to Cruise – Port Clyde
      Board Meeting 8:00 – 9:00 pm Samoset – Banquet Room
      Hospitality Suite 8:00 – 10:00 pm Samoset Room TBD

      Saturday, October 9

      Yoga with Jamie 7:00 – 8:00 am Samoset Outside (weather permitting)
      Hospitality Suite 8:00 – 10:00 am Samoset Room TBD
      Autocross 8:00 – 2:00 pm Owls Head
      Registration 10:00 –12:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Parts Room 10:00 – 12:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Beading Class with Joanne 10:00 – 12:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Tech Session #3 11:00 – 12:00 pm Samoset – Banquet Room
      Walking Tour of Rockland 12:00 – 2:00 pm Meet at the Samoset
      Rally 2:30 – 4:00 pm Start at the Samoset
      Concours Cleanup 4:00 – 6:00 pm Samoset
      Lobster Bake 6:00 – 8:00 pm Rockland
      General Membership Meeting 9:00 – 10:00 pm Samoset – Banquet Room
      Hospitality Suite 10:00 – 12:00 am Samoset Room TBD

      Sunday, October 10

      Concours Cleanup 7:00 am – 8:30 am Samoset
      Yoga with Jamie 7:00 – 8:00 am Samoset Outside (weather permitting)
      Hospitality Suite 8:00 – 10:00 am Samoset Room TBD
      Leave Samoset for Concours (no later than) 8:30 am (no later) Owls Head
      Concours d’Elegance 10:00 – 3:00 pm Owls Head
      Parts Room 4:00 – 5:30 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Awards Banquet 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Samoset – Banquet Room
      Parts Room (last chance) 9:00 – 10:00 pm Samoset Room TBD
      Hospitality Suite After banquet – 12:00 am Samoset Room TBD

      Monday, October 11

      Hospitality Suite 8:00 – 10:00 am Samoset Room TBD

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      the phone number in the rootes review for contacting phil peron concerning a parts table is coming up as no longer in service. anyone know the right phone number?

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      The contact telephone number for the United Parts Room is 508-852-4845 instead of —853—- as listed on the registration form and in the Rootes Review

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      The rooms are full at the Samoset for the Rootes United 2010, but if you would still like to stay close by we have another block of rooms at a near by motor in. Please contact or 207-465-7629 for further details.

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      We are getting down to the absolute deadline for filling orders for the Lobster Bake, Sunset Cruise and Banquet. Vendors are requiring meal selection counts for food and supplies. The Lobstah bake vendor has added chicken (sorry same price) to be offered as a substitute for lobster and includes corn on the cob, blueberry pie w/ice cream and beverage. If you have already REGISTERED and want to make additions/changes please contact us at with your desires and we can make last minute changes. If you have not registered by now, PLEASE DO SO NOW via online registration or by snail mail. We are TWO WEEKS FROM THE EVENT.

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      Duke Samouce

      How easy is it to bring lobster back?

      Thinking about bringing a cooler to load up with lobsters to bring back to KS.

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      You may want to consider making arrangements to buy, pack and have them shipped back to KS. There are many lobster pounds in the area which do this all the time. Much better than trying to keep them alive in a cooler.

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