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      Save the dates of July 30-August 2, 2015! United 34 will be held in Dayton, Ohio and plenty of information is available here:
      Any and all Rootes cars are welcome and no club membership is required to attend. Stay tuned for more info.

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      This should be great. We were at that same hotel for a [not-named here] car club event this past August, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
      That is a great location – many eating places within walking distance, close by the interstate for easy access (hopefully the construction will be done), and a short hop to the Air Force Museum. The staff at the Holiday Inn were fantastic top to bottom.

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      Thanks Mark-we stayed at this hotel last August and went to the same British car show we will be attending at the United. The hotel is really nice and we were able to negotiate the room rates to include the buffet style breakfast in the hotel restaurant which normally costs $9 per person. The location of the hotel is perfect for all of the United events nearby! Eric

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      We arrived there on Thursday 8/21 (in a nasty thunderstorm) – you must’a just left 😕
      Breakfast included – nice 8)
      It was just about a 550 mile run for us, one long day.

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      Mark Rense

      We have attended the Dayton show many times and usually stay in this Holiday Inn so it will feel like old times. I sponsored a TAC event there back in 2009, we had a great turnout (26 Rootes cars) and started the post-show party/cookout tradition at Doug Jenning’s shop. Looking forward to doing a major Tiger event there again!

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      this united should have a large showing of all types of rootes vehicles. we’ll also be the featured marque of the show on saturday. all registered united attendees will not only be in the concorse but also be entered for trophies from the popular vote show. the cookout after the show will be in the park this year instead of at doug’s shop. it will be quite a weekend.

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      Thanks to Eric Smyder for this year’s United logo! We will be spending some time at the US Air Force Museum at this United with several guided tours and plenty to see and do. Thus the Air Force uniform patch theme.


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      Looks great – nice work, Eric 😀

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      Very psyched for the United this year.

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      Is the registration form posted anywhere? I can’t find it if it is.


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      Stay tuned Fred-it will be out very shortly here on the website and will be in the April newsletter too.
      Thanks, Eric

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      Filling out the Registration and have hit a snag. There will be two of us attending the Autocross, but only one driver. This is my first United and have no idea if the correct "answer" is 1 or 2.


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      Bob and Jean Webb

      put down one since you have one car.

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