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      Hi, I just installed a MSD pointless ignition and a MSD coil. I had to remove the ballast resistor. I’m not sure when I noticed it but the tach. seems to float around 2800 rpm. I believe it is accurate up to that point the it bounces around as the motor revs past that point. I’m also curious about using the alpine 7K tach. What do I need to do to for this swap? Thanks in advance for the help.


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      There is some info for the tach swap on the classic-tiger web site. Here is a link to the tech tips,
      Check out the “Tom Ballou’s Budget 7000 RPM Tach Tech Tip. From STOA Tiger Tracks 1975, 1995.”


      ’64 Mk1

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      If you installed an MSD-6 or similar system that has a tach output connection, then you can use the tach module that I and Tom Hall have been installing in tachs for the last couple of years. The module accepts original current-sensing transformer connections as well as aftermarket ignition tach outputs. Special versions done on request.


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