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      I would like to know if there will be a chance of having TAC’s done on Tigers at this years United? I would like to have my car done at the meet and I have talked to one other person who is interested as well. Thanks George Coleman

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      I would also like to have my car done.

      Fred Baum

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      Fred and George,

      Curt and I have discussed having a TAC session at the United and one is planned. I do not know the specific time/s yet.

      I will be at the United and I have a commitment from one other inspector at this point. I will need at least one more inspector, but I do not think that will be a problem.

      I believe Curt is planning to advertise the TAC session after he gets more details nailed down.

      Tom Calvert

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      Yep – got it on the list of to dos. Now that the money items are pretty well done we will fill in the blanks for details.

      Tom, best times for this will likely be after the rally Friday, Saturday before / after the concourse or at or after the autocross on Sunday. I would appreciate feedback on when you think best.


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      Hi Curt
      Have you come up with a day/times for the TAC sessions? That is a great feature to offer at the United! Thanks, Eric

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      TAC At United

      For those of you with Tigers, who would like to have your car certified as a genuine Tiger under the TAC program, please send an email to Curt Hoffman at [email protected]. Tom Calvert is pulling together a team to do the certifications this year and will do as many cars as time allows. Actual times that will be used for this process will be posted at the United in the hospitality room. Likley times will be Friday and Saturday afternoons, at the autocross and perhaps just before the banquet. We will have the certifications done in order based on: members of the club, registered for the United, and in the order the request is sent to Curt.

      If you have any questions send them to Curt Hoffman at the above email.

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