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      Bob and Jean Webb

      i hear info is out for SUNI 5 .when will we be getting the info posted ?

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      "Our headquarters hotel for SUNI V is located at 2111 N Lacrosse St. at
      Exit 59off of U S interstate 90 in Rapid City. For those of you with a
      GPS in your car plug in that address.

      The Ramkota Hotel has 267 very spacious rooms with a Western theme decor
      including 30 two room suites and 3 Jacuzzi Suites. The hotel has one of
      the Black Hills largest indoor swimming pools plus a spacious indoor
      water park. The hotel features the Award winning Minverva’s Restaurant
      and bar. Some of the amenities the hotel has to offer are: Fitness room,
      business center, in room coffee, tea iron and full size board, hair
      dryer, movies, voice mail and FREE high speed internet in all guest
      rooms. Safe deposit boxes are available at the front desk.

      Reservations are made under SUNI V room block at $104 plus 8 % room and
      $2 occupancy tax. Two room suites add $30. The SUNI V block of rooms
      includes a continental breakfast each morning.

      Parking-there is ample parking for our Sunbeams, trailers and tow
      For those souvenirs or forgotten items Rushmore Mall is within walking
      distance.* In* addition to Minverva’s restaurant* there is TGI Fridays,
      Denny.s Bostons, Outback Steak House, red Lobster, Fuddruckers and Olive
      gardens all within walking distance.

      For Reservations call 605-343-8550.
      *********** *
      For a virtual tour of the hotel go to http://www.rapidcity/"

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      Do you also have the SUNI V dates ? ….so that we can get the jump on posting our 2009 vacation schedules 😀

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      SUNI V – Rapid City, South Dakota, June 21-27, 2009

      We all better start planning incorporating this in our vacation plans!!

      And how to get there with our SUNBEAMS. It is a long way. at least for me from New England.
      Butr we hope to be there!!

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      Bring your Venezia Robert! Will you have it at the United? Eric

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      Too bad SUNI isn’t just a month later. Then we could merge it with Sturgis Bike week. Tow the bike out behind the Tiger- or maybe the other way around. Having ridden my Harley out there three times to Rapid City for that event I can say for sure it is a long way. Nothing but corn cobs on the way. Although if you want to stop at wineries on the way there are some nice ones. Will want to stop in Wall at the Wall Drug before you get to Rapid City as well.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      you’re right about the boring drive. we came home from suni 3 by way of I90. sometimes it was tough to keep a radio station for any period of time . XM should handle that problem .

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      Can anyone explain WHO makes decisions on where these events are held ? Also WHY have it in a place like Rapid City ? It’s as though there was an intentional effort to make it difficult for nearly EVERY Sunbeam owner to attend. I mean how big is the Rapid City Sunbeam Owners Club ?

      There is no logic to this that I can see given the clusters of Sunbeams in and around major cities. Why avoid EVERY major city ? Seems to make more sense to rotate around San Francisco and LA and Atlanta and NY and Dallas.

      I’d love to understnd the "logic" here


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      "I’d love to understand the "logic" here"

      Steve-I don’t think much logic is involved. Seems like it is a one man show with no recommendations or ideas being accepted from anyone concerning the location. After all, just how many Sunbeam owners even live within 100 miles of Rapid City? Tigers and Alpines hate hot weather and so do most of their drivers. To encourage folks to drive their cars to a far away event then why hold the event in the summertime in a hotspot of the country?! I have been to the first two SUNIS and did not attend any others mainly due to the location and the time of year-and no, I do not have a truck and trailer to bring my car and family with me! Eric

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      quote 65sunbeam:

      “I’d love to understand the “logic” here”

      Steve-I don’t think much logic is involved. Seems like it is a one man show with no recommendations or ideas being accepted from anyone concerning the location.

      Who’s the one man ? Did he start these events ? My thanks to him if he did, BUT…. I don’t see the point in eliminating so many west and east coast owners to make it a local affair for the 8 or so Sunbeams in S Dakota.

      I do like heat, but I’ve learned the Tigers don’t so much. The prospect of driving across Nevada in late June far from the Rootes dealer locations doesn’t sound appealing. With gas prices as high as they still are driving a V8 truck from LA towing a trailer is not too appealing either.

      Steve R

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      I love Rapid City having been to three Sturgis events (Black Hills Motorcycle Rallys). We actually stayed in Rapid City last time and it was great. Stayed in the Alex Johnson, an old time hotel where we sat out front admiring our bikes and drinking wine after a long day of gorgeous rides.

      We usually had to wear full leather in the morning since it was cold but it warmed up to 85 or so by afternoon. The weather there can be all over the map. The scenery is to die for and the roads are a biker / sports car driver’s dream. I think this is better than a city given my car gets real hot in traffic which you will not get in Rapid City.

      But- like I said, I have been there 3 times recently, 5 times all together, and am not sure I am up to going out there again without the 500,000 other bikers to cheer me on (100 or so Sunbeamers notwithstanding). I’ll have to wait and see as we get closer.

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      i have to agree with curt about the area .we stopped there on our way home from suni 3 and really enjoyed it .with the falling fuel prices ,if gas stays down getting there should not be too bad as far as gas cost. the current gas price in rapid city range from 1.97 to 2.16 per gallon.

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      Sunday June 21
      Registration Hospitality suite12 to 8 pm
      Hospitality Room 12 pm to 11 pm
      Monday June 22 Continental Breakfast (Mon. thru Saturday)
      Registration 8 am to 10:30, Lobby
      Concours in the Park 11 am to 6pm
      6:30 Pm Convoy to Mt. Rushmore
      Dinner on your own, Mt. Rushmore Cafeteria
      Hospitality Room 8:00 pm to 11 pm
      Vendor Sales

      Tuesday June 23
      Rallye Start at the Ramkota 1st car out 9am
      12:30 Leave for tour thru Badlands
      Alternate Crazy Horse
      Dinner on your own at Wall Drug (Badlands Tour)
      Hospitality Room 7pm to 11 pm

      Wed June 24
      Auto-x at Civic Center parking lot
      Black Hills Sports Car Club
      1st Car out 9 am (Group 1)
      1st Car out 1 pm (Group2)
      Hospitality Room 8pm to 11pm
      Vendor Sales
      Chuckwagon Dinner Lv hotel 5:45

      Thursday June 25
      Auto-x at Civic Center parking lot
      1st car out 9 am Group 2
      1st car out 1 pm Group 1
      6:30 PM Special 50th and 45th Anniversary Event,
      Dinner, Cake, door prizes, Quiz

      Friday June 26
      Vendor Sales
      Tours AM (on your own)
      5pm Happy Hour
      6pm Plated banquet Dinner
      Banquet Program
      Hospitality Room

      Saturday June 27 Happy motoring

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      The official SUNI V Registration Form is now available:

      Who is planning to go? Anyone from the North East?

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      jean and i will be there, hopefully with two cars .

      bob webb

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      I’ve replaced the outdated link from this past year’s United with a link to the registration form for SUNI V on the homepage.

      Please bear with the new IT team as we prepare the new website content management system. Until then we’ll be making changes in a piecemeal fashion to keep up with current events.

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      Carl and Vonda Moon

      SUNI-V Schedule

      SUNI-V Registration Form

      It should be a great event.

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      Who of TE/AE is planning to go??

      I only know of Bob and Jean.
      Anybody else?? There must be more mebers going!!


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      We had planned on going but now I am not so sure. The serious lack of info and updates being released and the lack of enthusiasm on all forums has me wondering. There seems to be just a handful going from the Sunbeam Alpine Club and the Webbs are the only ones from TE/AE going that I have heard from. Anyone else have some input?? Eric

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      not sure how many cars will show ,but we have registation numbers 37 & 38. i sure hope someone we know shows up .

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      Bob and Jean Webb

      brad and michele babb are also going . who else from the east is going ?????

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      I will be arriving by air for SUNI Monday June 22, departing Sunday June 28. I would like to split the cost of a room with someone who knows me. We could also split the cost of a rental car if you are not driving there. Contact esslinger(at) Thanks Ed Esslinger

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      I hear Rosemary Smith will be in attendance at Suni 5? Is that true? What a treat that will be.

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